Light Dragoons wives calendar

Discussion in 'RAC' started by cormack, Oct 13, 2009.

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  1. taking from the LD facebook page

    "15 of us LD wives have posed for a calender all the proceeds will be going to The Light Dragoons Charitable Trust.
    We felt we should try and show our support for all our men in Aghan and raise as much as we can.
    Please dig deep and buy 1,2 or however many you like they cost £5.00 and you could have 15 wives looking at you for the next 14 months, what a way to wake up every morning.
    many thanks"

    if anyone wants one go on the facebook page. if you cant access it drop me a PM and i'll pass you the details. remember the money is going to a great cause
  2. would like to try before I buy if you know what I mean
  3. 2s up? ;)
  4. Lets get a grip on this

    Geordie birds - ron hill and high heels?

    Yorkshire lassies - wippets and pipes?

    and possibly some 6 fingered birds from Norfolk?

    Also any gash shots apart from the ones taken by the photographer - isnt gedgey is it?
  5. Good god, 15... it's bad enough with one.
  6. Can you please send more details of the calendar to me at

    I was in 15/19H from 1967, then LD, retired 2004.


    Colonel (Retired) John Gillman