Light Dragoons RSM

At least its a pretty common surname.

Thank feck it wasn't my surname; Only two of us in the British Army.


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GeordieHussar said:
Why the question ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Did you see my PM last week about a REEM with an LD question?

Got a date for Gutersloh yet? Plans for a spot of leave?


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Now run around the drill square for half an hour, holding an SLR straight-armed above your head shouting "The Self Loading Rifle does not have a foreskin protector."


No honestly, I saw it in training in Catterick in 1975.
Flyingrockdj said:
NOW REMOVED- thanks for the self policing guys
Cheers mate, i always wonder when questions like that are asked of old and bold that I know.

Boggles mate, end of May to Gutersloh, no leave I am still trying to grow my lawn as my four dogs dug the twwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttttt up, lol.

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