Light Dragoons..parade

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Bootifull, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Well done that town, finally Joe public doing their bit for morale.

    Welcome home lads, job well done
  2. What a great story. :salut:
    Many thanks for that link, it's heartwarming to read.
    (I wish that saluting smiley would use the right arm).
  3. Great link and really wonderful of the town to get behind it's regiment.

    Well done The Light Dragoons and welcome home!
  4. Excellent, this should be the norm!
  5. I remember being part of something similar in Taunton in 82 - on the other side of the fence.

    Well done that town. Great to see.
  6. Fantastic to see that some people appreciate what the Army, Navy and Air Force do. They took the time to turn out and show respect and appreciation to the troops.

    A shining example of what should happen everywhere! :lol:
  7. The Army and who?
  8. Fantastic - hopefully just the start.
  9. I live in Dereham and I was pleased to see somone had taken the time to put up posters in nearly every shop to make sure that everyone knew when and where the parade was.

    Even more pleasing was turnout, some of the people I spoke to had rearranged their work so that they could start after the parade.

    The LDs might be donkey wallopers but a very big well done and welcome home to all of them.
  10. Hey OD, I was just trying to make them feel like one of the big boys....
    One lot surrenders, the other lot have a great time... Okay, I'm banging my head on the desk as I type... :oops:
  11. “The clapping and cheering was fantastic. It was a fantastic feeling - absolutely overwhelming. All of the soldiers really appreciate what the town has done for us.”

    As the town has shown its apreciation of its regiment.

    I hope other towns follow this example in the future.
  12. Wot he said.
  13. I've just run a staff check on that smiley by saluting to myself in the mirror, and it looks fine to me.
  14. Well done The Light Dragoons and welcome home.