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Light Dragoons on Herrick 5

Very good!! For Recce :wink:


Book Reviewer
It isn't about size: it's what you do with it.
Respect !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allah akhbar !!!!!!!!! :twisted:
AlienFTM said:
It isn't about size: it's what you do with it.
Aaaaaaaaaah!!! I've heard that somewhere before mate...................
"God it's huge............you obviously know what you're doing with it...................will it go bang?!?!? 8)
Incidently AFTM - did you get it? You never said.


Book Reviewer
Oh aye mate. Sorry I am a bit pre-occupied ATM. Me daughter gets married tomorrow.

I WILL be sending you a cheque for another signed copy to send of to me niece's husband so you can get a toe into the wargaming community. Me niece reckons they all love that sort of thing.

Gimme a week or two.
very good its all been done be for with d sqn hcr an 3 para on herrick 4 should be good to see what other vds come out of this tour
who is in the mire for posting that one! any way B sqn have done more than u! and Dsqn did it all on there feet u pussies!

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