Light Dragoons get warm welcome

Discussion in 'RAC' started by midnight, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. So nice to see a Regiment not trying to look 'ally' in their dessies once they're back home!

    Well done the Light Dragoons (even the bits that don't come from Yorkshire!)!
  2. OK, OK Im a busy man, kipping, dont I wish. Its about time the local public started to do this, and yes, "WELL DONE TO THE LADS".
  3. Whoops!..........forgot the smileys :D :twisted: Yes,well done the LD´s and the others doing a hard job well,and it´s really good to see civpop giving so much support.
  4. Well done and congrats from the South Alberta Light Horse, their sister Regt out here in the great white north :salut: :salut:

    and of course ALL Ex 15/19th lads out there
  5. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Bugger it - I think the cleaner has emptied her hoover in front of an airconditioning duct.

    At last, every time the news reports another death from AFG I can stop worrying if it might be the son of one of my friends, then feel bad because he was somebody else's son.
  6. Is that tommy my ex backrow forward in alberta this is the founder of the black hussars rugby team

  7. Legion - come on down you are correct
  8. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer


    I was thinking the other day (I do tend to once or twice a month yer knar) and it occurred to me to wonder if you still have the scar above your eye from the ACF at Dykelands Road when some daft twat threw a medicine ball at the back of your heed, smacking your face into the iron railings, requiring stitches. Or a meringue?
  9. Alien yep see it every day and often wonder to myself which daft bugger inflicted said wound to my noggin, never thinking after we left said ACF det would we end up serving in the same regt together.
    Still after all it was only my head - hence no real damage done.

    By the way what the hell happened yesterday :frustrated: :frustrated:
  10. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    The nice Mr Keane suffered the biggest, most humiliating defeat of his entire career.


    WRT to yer heed. I remember it like yesterday. It was before parade and I was watching out of the window of the room to the left (from the outside) of our entrance. I was looking at the back of your head from no more than ten feet away.

    Suddenly a medicine ball entered my field of view stage left and twatted the back of your head into the railings.

    The guilty barsteward was the (IIRC senior) cadet corporal with glasses (IIRC) who was actually an aaaarl reet sort of bloke. I think he learned a valuable lesson that day.
  11. Tommy,

    How's it going buddy, nice to here from you had Colin Mac over from Oz in the summer nice to see him and new wife number 3 also Stinky turned up had a good night out. Saw David RJ in July now Major General Sandhurst how times have changed. I'm still coaching rugby at U15 level spent 3 weeks in Oz with them 2005 and I'm off to NZ and Fiji 2008 and just for good measures spent a week in France with them I hate the French.

    Must go have some work to do.

    Porky (Legion)
  12. Chuffed to bits for the LDs, superb unit. As a REME type person they were my best posting by a long chalk and I have never had a bad posting in nearly 22 years. All the best to them.
  13. Well Done the Light Dragoons, Back Home Safe and Sound. Thanks to the People of Dereham for the excellent "Welcome Home" you gave the lads. MEREBIMUR
  14. PORKY? Me thinks I know who you are, give me another clue.