Light Dragoons Association Weekend, July 08

Discussion in 'RAC' started by GeordieHussar, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. GeordieHussar

    GeordieHussar War Hero

    Any of the old guys attending the association weekend in Jul? With a bit of luck I will meet some old long lost friends, as long as they dont drink all of my beer.
  2. Crank_Arms

    Crank_Arms Clanker

    It would be nice to see you buy a drink for a change :D
  3. GeordieHussar

    GeordieHussar War Hero

    Cut to the bone, I always get the drinks, someone else may pay for them but thats life, LOL. Just out of interest, who are you?

  4. Crank_Arms

    Crank_Arms Clanker

    Lulworth, Heath Range, PSA engaged with co-ax, BL
  5. GeordieHussar

    GeordieHussar War Hero

    Oh yes, a day I will never forget, flag at green, PSA down range fixing the mover, GPMG opens up, Fred the SSM nearly has a heart attack, now that was funny, but as luck would have it the gunner was sh*t and missed them all. How you doing mate.
  6. Crank_Arms

    Crank_Arms Clanker

    Doing OK thanks, still involved with gunnery but from behind a desk.
  7. eight_ace

    eight_ace Swinger

    I'd really like to re-engage with the association, how would I go about it? any ideas? :?
  8. Crank_Arms

    Crank_Arms Clanker

  9. eight_ace

    eight_ace Swinger

    I suppose that would do it! thanks, engage brain etc etc......
  10. hat_mackem

    hat_mackem Clanker

    GH et al

    Sorry cannot make this one too busy trg the BG's here in BATARse.

    Hope you all have great time give my best to everyone.

    TS :D
  11. Crank_Arms

    Crank_Arms Clanker


    How's it going mate, only a pity you did not have the time to hang round for a drink during your fleeting visit to the school a couple of years back, would have been good crack.

  12. GeordieHussar

    GeordieHussar War Hero

    Tom, will do mate, pitty you cant make it. I still dont have aclue who is going so not sure if I have to hide my grog supply in the motor home when im there.
  13. GeordieHussar

    GeordieHussar War Hero

    Find it odd that boggles aint jumped in on this one.
  14. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Still thinking about it. I walked out in August 1982 and have never looked back. Knowing that there will be at least one person there that gives a sh!t gives me a warmer feeling about it.

    Never been to one of these things. Not a clue about form, dress (long ball gown in the evening is it?), administrative arrangements etc. Got to consider Her Who Must Be Obeyed cos she hasn't been well. It's a bit of a bitch going on a p!ss-up though when my body can no longer tolerate alcohol.

    I was considering calling HHQ and seeing if they gave me a warm feeling.

    Drop me a line (or post it here) that answers all or some of my questions and I'll ask up the chain of command.
  15. GeordieHussar

    GeordieHussar War Hero

    Mate, Im still trying to get the full gist of the weekend, if you want to go you will need to contact HHQ and book your tickets. Will be great to see you again if manage to get there and dont worry I am sure there will be more people trying to make a name for themselves and annoy me than you.