Light division amalgamation

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Aquarian, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. There's a lot of chat on this forum about the future of the proposed large scottish infantry regiment but I was wondering what people thought was gonna happen to the light division (RGJ & LI etc etc) in the amalgamation of regiments?

    How many battalions will there be? will the characters of all the regiments incorporated in the future larger regiment be diluted or change?
    seeing as RGJ, LI ,D&D and RGBW are fairly different regiments hows this gonna go down amongst the guys it involves( ie both soldiers and officers) when it happens in 2007 (not sure about date)?? is it being looked forward to or something that the regiments are dreading?
    maybe there's a few people from those various regiments on this forum, what do you reckkon?
    im looking round light division in near future so was just interested to see what you guys think will happen ...

    what will it even be called?
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Bns will be
    1LI - (D&D LI and RGBW LI amalgamation) - Catterick but moving to, rumour has it, Chepstow for final move
    2LI - renamed current 1LI - Paderborn
    3LI - renamed current 2LI - Edinburgh

    RGJ stay the same as before with 1st and 2nd Bns.

    The sum of the whole is The Light Division. Renaming of LI units to happen next autumn.

    Inter-unit postings already happening.

    The Light Div are pretty well ahead of the game and being grown up about it all.
  3. Being grown up about it because amalgamation is nothing new to these Regiments (its how they were formed), unlike some of the Scottish Regiments who have never been amalgamated
  4. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    True but as the Light Div is pretty much fully manned and Scots Div definately isn't, it is, I would suggest the attitude to take.
  5. Why not place the Light Division within the newly formed Light Bde (19). This may add some style to what would otherwise become a fairly mediocre Brigade.
  6. the thing we gota worry about is with the new "super regiments" is it's easyer to cut 1 btn from a 5btn regiment, than it is to disband a 1btn regiment, with all the negative coverage that it brings westminster some thing that any govt is going to want to avoid.
  7. My understanding was that the career minded individuals who are the only people volunteering for amalgamation had been told to put their plans on hold.
    The Light Division already consists of 2 "Large" Regiments (or at least they would if RGJ hadn't lost a battalion having been told in the 60's that other single cap badge regiments would be cut before the new large regiments would be)
    I agree with the earlier post that 5 battalion regts are easier to cut than smaller ones.

    This is a slow process to having a non descript infantry with units having numbers but no historical allegiance to area's of the country.
  8. The RGJ and LI have, historically, worked very well together. The Ox and Bucks LI are now RGJ capbadged, incidentally. The merger of LI and RGJ would be a meeting of minds and attitudes.
  9. Back to the origional Rifle Brigade perhaps - it would be a way for hte politicians to score a point 'preserving' history for a change.

    How far away is it before we have a military based not on Regiments but on Corps - Corp of Infantry, RAC etc. I hope it won't happen but its not looking hopeful.
  10. Exactly what is wanted, under one 'Corps'
  11. meaning?
  12. Means the Light Div are ahead of the game and being grown up about it all, I think.

  13. Actually, the plot is to amalgamate the army into one 'super army', to be called 'The Royal Green Jackets'. You basts have all been modelling yourselves on us for centuries, so this would be the logical progression. And anyone who disagrees is in for good shovelling. :wink:
  14. 7 Bns, according to rumours on this board to be called "The Rifles" (although I've heard different)

    1st Battalion (ex D&D/ RGBW) - Light Role (Chepstow?)
    2nd Battalion (ex- 1 LI) - Armoured Inf (Paderborn)
    3rd Battalion (ex-2 LI) - Light Role (Edinburgh)
    4th Battalion (ex- 1 RGJ) - ?
    5th Battalion (ex- 2 RGJ) - ?
    6th Battalion (ex- Rifle Volunteers) - Reinforcement Battalion (Southwest)
    7th Battalion (ex- Royal Rifle Volunteers*) - Reinforcement Battalion (South)

    * RRV minus C (PWRR) Coy but plus D? (London) Coy (ex F and G Coys, Londons)