Light Div drill to become Forces wide?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Bravo_Bravo, Jun 20, 2007.

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  1. Just heard a rumour that some chair-shining bean counter has worked out that if Light Drill where adopted across the Forces, time savings would amount to some £2.5 million annually ( as its quicker) so its likely to be introduced across the spectrum at end of 2008

    Has anyone else heard this?
  2. Daft that it sounds I suspect that its true, it will be introduced in the TA first. This should give them fitter soldiers and make more training time available (as soldiers arrive at lessons faster).
  3. but that extra 2 mil will go on claims on JPA for Ralgex for Bandsmen and their poor broken arms
  4. I think someone's been at the CO's sherry!!!!!
  5. I did once read somewhere that drill changed to the current shin splitting style as a result of Guards Drill pigs in Berlin in the 50's watching Russian drill and deciding that then foot drill looked too much like Russian foot drill, which wasn't acceptable.....
  6. BB - is it still April 1st? I knew that the Collective of WC1 runs late sometimes but this is ridiculous!
  7. ^Its his 2nd April Fool today
  8. Would never work: the whole point is that it's used by/was developed by/ thinking soldiers... imagine the Guards Div trying to cope with remembering and executing 2 commands in succession for themselves!!

    And the Paras - all their ally kit would be flapping about all over the shop - smocks ballooning like pregnancy blouses...

    As for the kilted brethren - that's too distasteful to contemplate...

  9. My drill instructor at the depot, once told me that the "reason the guards march at the slowest pace, is that, when you are that superb you want to make sure everyone can see it.

    the only reason to go at 140 or the double, is to hide the fact that you are a shower of Siht". he went on to say "that in a tactical setting 140 or the double is prefferable when running away, perhaps thats why they do it"

    made me laugh.

    on a serious note, when was the last time a light div instructor, held post at the AADW.

    The guards do do light drill, when handing over Royal guards to the Gurkhas the old releif will march to the new reliefs pace, although both paces are used in the handover, therefore no time saved.

    all drill should be in slow time to spread the cerimonial thrill into a longer lasting experience.
  10. Fcuk that! I'm too fat and my legs are short!
  11. If one ever admitted to wanting to, he'd be out of the Light Div before you could say 'drill pig'... :roll: :D

    We obviously prefer different sorts of 'thrills' in our lives. Drill for the Rifles is about getting from a to b as quickly, simply and efficiently as possible - with a useful physical fitness cardio-vascular benefit thrown in. End of. This frees up lots of time for other, much more interesting activities - like watching others perform drill and ceremonial from the comfort of a chair with a pint in hand...

    Having said which, the worst Light drill experience in the world is to be the last Coy on parade in a Light Div Bn parade, where each CSM is determined to show that his Coy can go that little bit quicker than the previous Coy.. :roll: (regimental is even worse, with 2 or more Bns watching one another for mistakes - like even thinking of dropping below 150 to the minute...)

    If such is your lot, you burst onto the parade ground like the front runners in an Olympic sprinting national trial, arms a blur of movement, legs instantly hit with shin splints as the boots slam into the tarmac at insane rates. The only good bit is the physics lesson for the rest of the Bn, as the halt allows you to watch a clear demo of a supersonic shock wave rippling from front to rear of the column as they slam to a stop. I used to just zone out during torture sessions - sorry, rehearsals, and watch the sweat patch between the shoulders of the man in front grow to cover his entire torso...
  12. Good point about Trooping The Colour, I'd expect that the Guards would have a ceremonial exemption.

    Review Order at 140 would verge towards the comic...
  13. Two types of drill-aircraft drill and stoppage drill.......
  14. Amen
  15. They cant get the REME to march at a slow pace (bimble) would never get them to get to that speed!

    Or you could try and them wonder why every vehicle is U/S! Ha!