Light Blue and being Honest

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by Morgan_Lewis, Feb 18, 2003.

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  1. There is a person who wears the light Blue, (Albeit not the Corps), who spoke with her heart the other night. What she said took some B*lls, yes I know she has none, never the less it had to be said.  Tis a shame that others cannot be that honest!

  2. But where did she speak with her heart?

    When she was speaking with her heart what did she say?
  3. Hmmmmmm all I heard was lots of whinging about getting messed about while her Regt was getting ready to go to war Ahhhhh shame she should have got Thomas cook to arrange it. If that is the standard and attitude of JNCO`s nowadays then god help us.

            Get on with it bird you are in the Army
  4. Knowing the sort of Cake & Ar5e party that is going on reference deployment, I am glad she spoke out.
    She should get a VC with bar before she leaves.
    Personally, I've now said goodbye to the wife & kids three times so far, which is great for numerous sympathy 5hags but ar5e for her sanity.
    pull your finger out you bunch of muppets.....we're gonna be late for the party.
    Oh, and does anyone have a valid reason( fcuking stupidity not accepted) why we are travelling in green kit?
  5. Just in case you get diverted to France on the way....or maybe because the CO just hasnt sewn on the proper badges  to his dezzies yet!
  6. This sounds VERY interesting !!  Can anyone devulge more?  Cap badge, rank, etc, etc ??
  7. She was a Lance Jack medic and she said what was needed to be said.
    For those that don't know or think they know, this deployment is a joke. I've been on more than most and this truly sucks.
    Said ta-ta to the family for the fourth time 2day only to be told to come back tomorrow.
    Don't knock the medic, she was only the voice for about 300 of us. ;D
  8. MMMmmm.  A female medic was the only one brave enough to stand up and say what had to be said.  No comment.
  9. MDN,  On local TV.
    Dippy,  If you were half the man/boke you claimed to be maybe, just maybe, you would speaking out.
    Muttley,  On song as usual.
    D-layed & Marmalad, Ha honesty at last!
    G-H,  Are you a sexist by chance, or just your average been there, seen it, done it, set in stone, die hard out of date has been.

  10. De-Layed, green kit was good enough for us last time. Why should you have any different? ;D ;D
  11. If you took time to read my comment, John and Jacqui at freeuk, you may just have noticed I was actually praising the lady involved.  Out of 300+ blokes, a lady stood up and stated what everyone else thought !   Oh dear, were are the balls nowadays ??  So I was actually commending her.

    As for the rest of your dig at me, I'd probably agree with all that.  Yeap, I am a 'has-been'.  Been there, done that, got the t-shirt, etc, blah, blah.  Now out, getting fat and slowly making a lot of money.  

    Now, I wonder if anyone knows who John and/or Jacqui are, please PM me (would guess at 3 or 4?).  Would like to know just what type of person you actually are.
  12. Dunno about you MG, but I was wearing deserts last must have been a REMF ;D
  13. And Gunny, you are mentioning your "large ammounts of money" yet again.
    Tell you what, ask a girl out and spend it on her.
    Failing that, ask out MDN. At least you'll have something to talk about. :-*
  14. So Marmalad

    What precise front line role did one play in GW1

    I assume the role is of a front line fixed bayonets type, placing you in position to be able to call MG a REMF.

    Eagerly await the 'behind the lines tortured Vet' post from the super desert combat wearing soldier.

    I recall wearing green kit for about 90% of the four month deployment due to the cold weather.