Lifting COntent Control on Vodafone Broadband Sim Card

OK, Vodafone can't help me, can you? I have had a broadband USB thing for 2 weeks now and can't access half the sites I need to. I have spoken to vodafone customer support and they say it has been lifted, and 'network' has done the same, but I keep on getting the same old problem. I have tried putting the SIM card on my phone and doing it from there, but it won't get a data connection.
Any ideas or solutions?
Get fairly regular issues with Content Control on my Vodafone gizmo. Seems they have on-going problems where the network (apparently randomly) fails to confirm that it's lifted. Phoning customer services doesn't help because all they they can do is see its status and confirm that it's off. It does seem to clear itself in time but that's not much consolation when you need to get to a site now!


Have the same with mine the content control goes on and off at random occasionally go get it sorted in voda shop if it is down for a while

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