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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by maxy, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. Evening all,

    At a recent careers fair I was surprised to find an officer trying to put me of my desired career path (ironic). A logistics officer positively cringed when I suggested the infantry, and continued to warn me off it for various reasons.
    Apart from the obvious ones (bullets, FOBs, and the like) which I'm fully aware of, she continued to say I won't get any time to pursue extra-curricular activities. Now this I did find a bit disconcerting as I'm a keen boxer and was hoping to represent the regiment, and do various other activities which sound like fun - adventurous training, bit of football, bit of tennis, etc.
    Any current infantry officers out there who can give a first hand of what life's like at home?(don't try and sell it) Or is it really I quote, "a repetitive cycle of operations, report writing and pre-deployment training"?

  2. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer


    Best way to do this would be to get yourself on as many fam visits to the particular infantry regiments that you aspire to join.

    Personally, speaking as an officer in the Infantry, the biggest thing that puts me off any capbadge is slagging off someone elses unit. Everyone has something to offer.

    Remember, you're trying to join the British Army - be very aware of the job you want to do. If you fancy joining up because a spot of tennis before lunch and playing golf with the 2ic afterwards wants to sound like an average day, then you may have missed the boat by about 20 years...
  3. Boxing?
    Is that Rugby Football?

    Wrong mess? :wink:
  4. Couldn't agree more. Slagging off other units or branches of the army is unprofessional and counter productive and normally indicates a lack of understanding of the wider army. (Now the RAF on the other hand...)

    As BBear says, the only way to know these things for sure is to go an see for yourself, so get yourself on a potential officers' visit or two. As a rule of thumb believe what you see with your own eyes and what you are told by people in that particular regiment, battalion, arm or service. Don't necessarily believe everything that others say about it (particularly if they are negetive).

    I would suggest that if someone is trying to do down the whole of the Infantry it is because they know very little about it. If it was one particular regiment or battalion it would probably be because he or she had met someone from it that they didn't like. In this case maybe she was a bit bitter that she couldn't join it herself!

    On the sporting front, it probably depends on your sports of choice. If it is boxing, I would have thought that the Infantry would be the best option as most battalions have regimental boxing teams (most other arms and services tend not to). Football and tennis you can probably play anywhere to some extent. Don't let the officer/football banter put you off, I know several who play to varying standards (of which two are in the cavalry).

    Just be aware that some of the corps sell themselves to potential officers on the basis of the amount of time they will give you to play sports. Ultimately though, if sports are the most important thing to you (above your soldiers) then you probably shouldn't be joining.
  5. Yh the biggest thing i hate is this slagging off, i just dont see the reason for it, trying to prove that your regiment is better, when all the regiments are part of the same army, in the russian army it aint about the regiments becuase all of them are practicaly the same and some have higher reputation then others but they are all equal and the division in the army isnt on regimental but on the division and brigade levels but the bad side is that the conflict is more between the officers and the soldiers

  6. Do you want to soldier or Logist???? Cringe she may have done but she never had the choice to go down God's own chosen career path. Go to the Infantry and have tales to tell in thirty years time. Don't fanny about.