Lifes a $hit sandwich, and I aint got no bread.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sexybomb, Nov 30, 2007.

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  1. Listening to the radio news, on in the background, last night on another dull trip home from work, I heard that some Government official is thinking of banning bread producers from producing 'Thick Cut' bread in order to tackle the Obesity issue..... How the fcuk are they going to control mum from cutting THICK slices from and un-sliced loaf.....dough!? Will there be ‘Bread Police’ to ensure that only thin sliced bread is sold over the counter – no whole loafs? Must all new home bread-making machines that are manufactured and sold, have to have the ability to slice the bread once it has baked?

    Story to back it all up…… Cake & eat it!

    I can just see it now:-
    “Mum, make me a doorstep sandwich please!” “Sorry son, only thin slice bread from now on”. “Well use 4 slices then, you thick b1tch!” ………..Never mind how much processed $hite that is going into the filling of the sandwich and the packet of crisps, can of pop and sticky bar to go too!!!

    FFS sake, where does it stop. How much of a waste of our time and money is all this going to be? Do our illustrious chosen leaders NEVER stop to think just how THICK they are?

    Is democracy eroding away at or what (too late for that question, really)? What part of ‘Freedom of Choice’ are the Government forgetting at an alarming rate. Fcuking Bean Stealing, Oxygen Thiefs.

    Your views…….

    PS I didn’t vote Labour. Edit: Fecking Eco WORRYING, Tree Hugging, Lefty Fcukwits.

    *Dismounts pedestal
  2. typical worry mungering, dont eat eggs theyll kill you, eat eggs theyre brain food, dont eat bacon itll give you cancer, eat bacon itll clear your system of tape worms etc....

    but this was a work of genius:

  3. Not in the least bit surprised.

    Goes along with the "ban" on junk food.

    Ban Mcnuggets but allow Sainsburys chicken bits, which are even worse for you.

    They are a right bunch of muppets!
  4. Bunch of Nuggets more like. Muppets are useful and entertaining. :D
  5. Maybe a ban on full pints will follow???!
  6. I think 'anonymous' donations from breweries will prevent that :wink:
  7. No I have the solution, shorter bread knives - will that work?
  8. And quite possibly the rioting in the street.
  9. Why don't we just wire the jaws of every unfortunate miscreant to be born into this world?
  10. Fcuk me they've already got rid of my beloved kingsize mars bars. Next my local schnelly will refuse to sell me gyros or beer. Lettuce and Evian anyone?

  11. No you wont, or you'll be arrested under the 'serious and organised crime' bill and sent to guantanamo
  12. Only for people with Parkinson's Disease - why waste spilt beer :twisted:
  13. No I won't they only use that law when you do something serious like hitting an armed thug who's broke into your house, Lighting a cigarette in a public area, Dareing to shout "nonsense" at a labour party conferance etc etc.
  14. `

    You've let the bag out of the cat now idjut - see some fecker at the gubment heading off to a "righteous" thinking meeting right now. :eek: