Lifes a B!tch - Argentina told it must pay back £45 million UK loans

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DesktopCommando, Apr 10, 2012.

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  1. Argentina told it must pay back £45 million UK loans that were partly used to fund Falklands invasion - Telegraph ..............................................................The demand comes amid continued tensions between London and Buenos Aires around the 30th anniversary of the war over the South Atlantic territory. Details of the loans, uncovered by a campaign group, showed how Argentina's government borrowed the money in 1979. It was partly spent on equipment used to seize the islands three years later, before they were recaptured by Britain. The South American country later ran into financial crisis and failed to repay loans - including those to British exporters underwritten by the UK Government. Now the debt has been inherited by UK Export Finance, an arm of Vince Cable's business department - which says it has "no plans to offer debt forgiveness". Argentina had used the money to buy two Type 42 destroyers, which were deployed during the invasion as well as two Lynx helicopters, one of which was among the first to arrive on the islands after the assault was launched, the Daily Mail reported.
  2. The irony being Britain probably came back with £45 mil in war trophies.

    The Argies ought to count themselves lucky that we didn't inflict back breaking war reparations on them.
  3. It's just political swords play. I doubt they expect the money back, but any mention of debt and debtors in the current financial climate is a telling blow politically.
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  4. Lifes a B!tch - Argentina told it must pay back £45 million UK loans...

    ...or what?
  5. RezzaDue

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    Here mate.... are you as hard as your avatar?
  6. It's funny that the sense of "honour" which drives the Argies to pursue getting the Falklands back doesn't drive them to pay their ****ing debts back!

    Honour not supposed to be a concept of convenience.
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  7. We need the money back to pay for the planes to put on our new aircraft carriers so we can recapture The Falklands next time.............
  8. Argy-bargy!
  9. We'll invade the Malvinas, and then we'll...oh.
  10. Perhaps we should let the Spics keep the dosh on the promise that Mrs Kentucky Fried Chicken will spend it on some better plastic surgery! It would be the only kindness.

    Geewhiz, take a gander at her fizzog!!
  11. Looking at her boat she's had this done


    Using a few tubes of this

  12. They will get charged £27 per admin letter and go on the credit reference agency naughty list.
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  13. And the £27 will be added to the debt, which will still not be paid...

    So they use our money to buy our kit with which they invade our Islands? What were we thinking!

  14. John Simpson (on the BBC) recently described her as attractive. Should have gone to specsavers....