Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by StevenPreece, Mar 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi guys,
    my name is Steven Preece. I'm a former Royal Marine and the author of two books.

    My first book was called AMONGST THE MARINES.

    It was my story about life amongst the ranks.

    My second book was called ALWAYS A MARINE.

    It was my story about my long and arduos adaption to Civvy Steet.

    That aside, I'm a black belt in Ninjutsu, I'm currently writing a novel and as ever tend to work at keeping myself in good shape.

    I hope to make good conversation with you guys on this site.

    Some of you may have met civvie street with ease, but I didn't. Some of you may relate to what I wrote. Please ignore the references to the previous marines video on the link to an article below. It was after my interview, but before the press release.

    Best Regards

    Steven Preece
  2. wotcha steve.
  3. Hi Steve, I read your first book with interest. It's just a shame you couldn't channel your aggression whilst in, though I think the alchohol also took over your life.(Like many a good soldier I've known in the past).
    Will probably read your new book, and I hope the novel goes well.

  4. Thanks mate. Yes you're right. Alcohol can be the route of all evil. Thankfully I managed to come out of the otherside of a difficult journey I wrote about in my second book. I hope others can learn from my experiences.

    Best wishes

    Steven Preece
  5. I can't believe you wrote a second book.

    The first was feckin awful you bootie cnut.
  6. Steve, I am interested in your Ninjitsu skills.

    Can you vanish?

    Can you leap in the air and kick an airliner out of the sky?

    Have you ever been intimate with a man?
  7. Enjoyed the first book a lot second book is on my birthday list, welcome to ARRSE.
  8. FFS a birthday list, How about I gift wrap a GS shovel in a sand bag and beat some sense round your swede......
  9. I know it childish but WHATEVER
    was a statement ok, if you cant read there is no need to be ashamed anymore they do reading classes now. Jack and Jane and the red ball, I recommend it as it has lots of lovely pictures
  10. Steve....

    I am thinking of writing a book. I approached Cpunk but his advice was crap and he isn't a Ninja.

    I have been wearing lipstick and nail varnish and giving anonymous head to strange men through a holes in a lavatory cubicle in Swindon. I wish to put my experiences in type and in the middle of the book put a few pictures, one of me with my bottom held open dribbling man batter and a few of differnet penis's in my hands and mouth.

    I am a dirty little b1tch and even eat arse through the bigger of the three holes

    Hoping you can help me, if not stick your ninja nob through my glory hole and I'll gum you into the middle of next week

    MDN xxx
  11. Is it pop up???? that might help
  12. Write a book? No need MDN.

    Your diary is full of stuff like this. I know because Cait showed me it.....................
    :roll: :lol:
  13. 8O

    Whatever rocks your boat, didnt have you down as a sex case but whatever flicks your switch Uncle Billy.
  14. AHHHH sexual innuendo the hiding place of the sexually inadequate
  15. Get fu*ked you mincing cnut.