Here we have the most black and white murder possible. Coldly premeditated, cruelly executed and the murderer caught bang to rights. So, what's he get? Thirty years. So he's going to be walking the streets, supposedly having paid his price to society and able to enjoy his retirement, while his victim lies dead at 26. And that's assuming (big assumption here) that he doesn't get out 10 years early for 'good behaviour'.

Someone lend me a rope?
Even his own defence team called him loathesome. As a "talented showjumper", it sounds like she was probably from the slightly nicer sides of the track.

That bloke is a nasty nasty piece of work and totally unrepentant. I hope he gets his (TERMINAL) comeuppance in prison.

Life should mean life.
Awol your quite right. I try not to think about this shiit to much, it makes my blood boil. they should throw the fukcing key away.

Kenneth Williams last words in his diary. "Ow whats the point"
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