Life Used To Be So Simple

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by pombsen-armchair-warrior, Jan 2, 2010.

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  1. Saw an excerpt from 'On The Buses' over the Christmas period. Utter drivel I know, but there was a clip that showed passengers/conductor alighting from, and boarding, the old double deckers without the bus having to stop.

    Remember doing this as a kid. If the bus was pulling off and you were slightly late you simply ran after the bus, grabbed the vertical pole on the open rear platform, and jumped on. Same when you wanted to get off - simply used same handrail, leaned back, jumped off and hit the ground running.

    Same on the trains - if the train was moving you could run alongside the train, open the slam door, and jump on.

    Probably now impossible to reintroduce such customs, more's the pity. There were other ways in which life was much simpler, particularly the ownership and carriage of weapons, but I'm simply too hung over to remember.
  2. Remember when I was kid ,the upstairs of the buses had `no spitting` signs
  3. We used to play football in the street, there weren't many cars around in those days.

    When we did travel in a car there were umpteen kids sitting in the back, and no seat belts let alone child car seats.
  4. I can remember my dad taking all the kids in my street camping in a cattle waggon, a four ton Dodge with the wooden back end and drop down ramp.I bet the H&S shower would have a field day if you did that now.

    PS me Mum and Auntie had scrubbed it out but it still smelt a bit crappy
  5. YOU were LUCKY.

    I had to get up before I went to bed, go and do 25 hours work in the middle of a motorway...............
  6. Yep. Eight of us used to travel in an Austin Westminster - smallest on my mother's lap in the front and the other 5 kids squeezed in the back.
  7. Remember going down to Sussex from Blackpoo lto visit family, 5 kids in the back of a transit van.
  8. Lightweight. :)

    Monty Python link on YouTube - The Four Yorkshiremen.

    enjoy. :D

  9. Those were the days!
  10. Used to go on Sunday School day trips (back in the 1960's) with 30 of us in the back of a removals van, all singing (clean) songs.
    Jumpers for goalposts an' all.
  11. You can blame the compensation culture. Scummy fecker claims, H&S gets worse, more scummy feckers jump on the bandwagon, more H&S, and on and on and on. :x
  12. If the OP is interested in the old Routemaster buses, he can still ride them on the heritage section of the No 9 route in central London. They were still in regular service on some London routes (eg 137) until about only 4 years ago. You can still hire them for parties - wonder how you keep gatecrashers out?
  13. Routemasters still run on the 9 - Albert Hall to Trafalgar Square, as mentioned above, and best of all on the 15 Tower Hill to Trafalgar Square. 'My' bus runs on the 15 - RM1941.

    Back to the thread title. It was simple and excellently enjoyable.

    Four months professional training at regimental level.

    Four months individual training on courses et cetera, and

    Four months adventurous training, skiing and sport.

    Those were the days, and then along came 1969.

    PS: The last 'in public service' Routemaster ran, I think, on 9 Dec 05 on Route 159 and it terminated twenty odd minutes late. It was 'mobbed' all the way! Now, in the City we have to stomach the dreadful Bandy things which, praise the Lord, the Mayor is binning asap.
  14. I used to play in the street and that was barely a decade ago, in a suburban area. We were always stigmatised as street urchins though, used to have people coming out and telling us they would stab our knife if it came near their house again. Cnuts.

    I'm obviously too young to remember queing at bus stops, but I must say it seems like a happy alternative to the current system. You wait in the gaggle for 20 minutes, only to be elbowed out of the way as everyone scrambles to get on it as if it's the last helicopter out of Saigon. Rush hour is such a miserable affair in London...