Life support - How the hell did we get that?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Rikki_Tikki_Tavi, Aug 29, 2004.

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  1. How on earth did the Royal Corps end up providing life support to HQ formations? At the risk of having missed the point, perhaps if the Sigs could crack on with communications related activities rather than baby sitting staff offrs through life, the most tecnical and (one of the) most highly trained Corps could actually provide the functionality they are capable of.
    Down with life support! (and make your own f*&^%$ brew you uselesss w*&^%$)

  2. Disgruntled IS Engr had to put the kettle on then? :lol:

    Must of been a crap shift that!
  3. Unfortunately, jobs like life support (or command support when people are trying to make it sound more interesting) make people sign off. Hence why the Signals face an ongoing retention problem and not a recruitment problem.

    There is a plan for the RLC to take on the life support role by the formation of an RLC support sqn in each Div Sig Regt. It remains to be seen if it will ever happen......
  4. But it would take a really good salesman of an SoinC to sell the idea of life sp in an HQ. Come on, who in their right mind would take that role on voluntarily....I've seen SO1's throw tracks because some silly little detail had been missed during set up. The RLC know that it is really their role but no way are they going to take it on board. Unfortunately it is something we have got stuck with and somehow I cannot see how we will manage to off-load it.
  5. Umm! So what is actually involved with this life support. :?
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Here is a useful posting on the subject from DangerMouse:

  7. Have to agree with DM's (msr's) post.

    We've been doing life support for my 13 years, why the sudden fuss? The fact that we deploy, and can look after ourselves and those around us as necessary is something to be proud of, will we still be capeable of it in 10 years, not too sure :?

    Theres a vast difference between being employed on life support and being mis-employed wicked. Specify your gripe mate.

  8. boney,

    I have heard of a case where a Sigs Sqn OC got it big time in the neck because of the location of portaloos, and of course this went downhill thru his chain, imagine Sig X thinking "didn't I join the army to do comms?" as he assists in moving the plastic loo 17 metres to the left...
  9. Would loosing the 'life support' role be good for operator SNCO's. In units where we provide life support an ED/Liney can easily go into the RD SSgt post but when its comms orientated that post becomes more comms focused. If your providing G1/G4 to comms assets your gonna need a fair amount of comms knowledge (excluding support trades from SSgt except as an SQMS)
  10. Just remember that when you're working at a HQ, ensure that you carry a bog roll on your person at all times.

    This will help when a staff officer with their trews round their ankles finds you and says "Can you help me, signaller(sic)!"
  11. So what is the real gripe?

    Having to provide a logistical and administrative support as part of our overall mission.


    The fact we get jiffed to put a sentry to the entrance of the 1* or when the HQ deploys we have to put up tents and yes move portaloos 17m to the left.

    Sounds like gripes about soldiering to me. How inflexable you must be, unable to do routine fatigues in the field.

    I know there is no Staff officer in "TEAM" but jiff jobs a part of deployment, once the flurry of set up is done things become calmer pretty quick then you can go back to reading books and watching DvD`s during your quiet shifts.

  12. Deployments are fine.

    It's just exercises that are a pain in the arrse.
  13. Bullshit,

    I agree with the sentiment of your post. Yes Sig X did join the Corps to do comms, but there is alot that goes alongside Comms. Life support is one of those things. We dont deploy with a labour force to do the humping and dumping these days, the bone jobs still have to be done. I'm sure Sig X will appreciate the portaloo, probably on a daily basis :wink:

    More than ever we have a responsibility to ourselves in the field, we're not going to have the luxuary of pioneer dets, or inf Plt to do the guards, and like the spanker says, its usually only on ex when its a pain in the arrse. Staff tend to grow up a bit on Ops :wink:


    p.s. Where was the Sgt Maj/SQMS while the OC was getting a portaloo bollocking? Dragged away from the birdtable to discuss shitters, bet he was well chuffed!!!
  14. Apologies for dropping in to your forum, but as a chap who works in HQ's a lot I've often wondered why the siggies do life support. I also wondered when I deployed why the sqn providing comms for my little bit were still working on two men to a det, when war manning is three. Grief! I had to dig me own scud scrape.

    I suppose the simple answer is that the Sqn OC is the man in charge of the workings of the HQ. It's just a shame that he doesn't have the manpower to do the jobs he's got to do on deployment (ex or op).

    Without any attempt at being patronising, I am, as a TA watchkeeper. always very impressed with the boys and girls in the sqns. In fourteen years of doing my job I have only ever come across one member of your corps that I have had to have a word with about attitude. Well done folks you are appreciated.
  15. Ah bless you squire, bless ya....