Life sentence?

Doesn't mean they'll be released after four years. Could be four, six, sixteen or life. It's up to them to prove they are fit to be released into the community. Look at Charles Bronson. Constantly fcuks up before the parole hearing and so has done loads of time.
As things stand in this country, I believe we have a mandatory life sentence for murder - ie: the judge has no choice but to award life. His ability to also set a minimum term then reflects the fact that there MAY in some cases be mgenuine mitigating circumstances.

Does lead to some pretty odd sentences now & then, and does sometimes get abused. But not a bad system overall.


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It also means that when the person is released they are on licence for the rest of their life so that they cannot leave the country withoutpermission, their address is monitored etc.


Approximately 2 people a month are killed by people on early release. Does anyone actually think that anyone serves their full sentence. If you deliberately and unlawfully take a life, you should serve life.
It's worth reading 'A Life Inside' by Erwin James for some background on this subject.
Herrenbloke said:
If you deliberately and unlawfully take a life, you should serve life.
I agree with that, but I also agree with an absolute minimum sentence for a murder conviction before parole is considered, maybe 25 or 30 years. Maybe even something along the lines of no release to be considered until age 70 for premeditated crimes against children, coppers pensioners, etc. No reduction for good behaviour, finding Jesus or ill health. Murder is murder. The sentance should reflect the fact a life(s) has been taken.

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