Life-saving Afghanistan vehicles stranded in Dubai

'Life-saving' Afghanistan vehicles stranded in Dubai

Life-saving vehicles built to withstand Taliban roadside bombs have been stranded in Dubai for the past month because the RAF does not have enough planes to fly them into Afghanistan, it can be disclosed.

By Thomas Harding, Defence Correspondent
Published: 9:00PM BST 04 Aug 2009

The problem is set to grow with 50 of the 157 ordered Ridgbacks scheduled to arrive in Dubai by November Photo: EDDIE MULHOLLAND
During the bloodiest month for British soldiers in Helmand province, where 22 died and an estimated 100 were wounded, nine £300,000 Ridgback vehicles were left on the tarmac at Al Minhad airbase outside Dubai, The Daily Telegraph has learned.
The Ridgbacks, which offer protection against mines, are a four-wheeled version of the robust six-wheeled Mastiff that has saved numerous lives in Afghanistan. They were ordered principally to replace the vulnerable Snatch Land Rover, in which 37 soldiers have been killed.

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