Life post TA RSigs?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 20, 2009.

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  1. Reckon a number of us will either be transferring or leaving.

    Any shameless plugs or other ideas?

    As a SNCO I reckon my chances of staying on is limited, maybe trying for 4 Yorks Sigs Pln is an option or something similar (I hold the right quals upto CSgt and maybe RSWO) but I'm not as young anymore after 10 years in Sigs.
  2. We've got a few TA sigs joining the QOY Y Sqn over the next couple of weeks. I didn't realise it was so bad until i got chatting to them.
  3. I hope those who are finding their units being disbanded, will where possible consider the other Signals units in their area. Loss of unit identity is distressing, however you all still remain part of the Corp family and I know would be welcomed to other Squadrons. I appreciate that the future is somewhat uncertain, though I believe that should be resolved this week when LAND confirm the Bde's estimate and plan. Difficult times but the Corp and the TA has always weathered these changes so far and there is no reason (being optimistic!) that that should change in the future. :-D
  4. You could try the Reg R.Signals apparently they are crying out for people
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Fortunately the TA is an even bigger family. Whichever unit you move to will make you welcome.

  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    *shameless plug inbound*

    PIDs available for the young and fit willing to retrain Inf and do P Coy and Para course.

    PIDs also available for clerks, cooks and medics. P Coy and para course offered but not essential - trade skills are what count. Attached arms required to pass PFT and CFT (appropriate to arm) plus all other MATTs, so "enablers" need not apply.

    A unit that is growing, real operational role, outstanding relationships with Regular counterparts, top flight PSIs etc, etc, etc.

    *Plug ends*
  7. If you don't mind travelling to York :) I'm fairly sure there's a slot or 2 and there's the added joy of a trip to BATUS this September for OPFOR. Any good with Bowman?
  8. Sigs not been issued Bowman yet :oops:
  9. Try 600 Squadron RAuxAF. They have the only comms flight and most of the qualified ones are due back from OOA soon. RAF reserves seem to be going the opposite way to the TA, i.e. doubling their size
  10. Polar, you can do a lot worse than an infantry sigs pl. I did, and I'm loving it :)

  11. we were...very briefly... The reason I mentioned taht was that BATUS only uses Bowman ......
  12. If UK TA Sigs are seen as a luxury that can be "sacrificed" right now...

    Won't saving a few pennies now by down sizing units be a little short sighted?

    I've been saying that it's the role / structure that is outdated, why is this not changing?

    Answers on a postcard?
  13. If you fancy doing something totally different, but with a really important role, and plenty of chances to deploy operationally, then why not consider the RNR Intelligence Branch? We're nationally based, and there is no requirement to do weekly drill nights.

    All you need is to be a British citizen, and willing to undergo the DV process.

    PM for further details.
  14. Once in a lifetime opportunity!

    If your unit is disbanding and you've been getting on well with your mates, why not ALL join 170 Infra Support Engineer Group?

    Vacancies for approximately 2 entire RSigs squadrons.

    Get in first while there are vacancies at all ranks - and some of you may find that you're doing your existing trade - or perhaps even use your civvy skills instead.