Life Peers to be allowed to resign their peerages.

Plans have been announced to allow Life so-called 'Peers' to renounce or resign their so-called 'peerages'.

I believe that it follows that they may have their 'peerages' removed. At the fall of the government that gave them their so-called 'peerages'? If so, it would be good-bye to:

Attenborough, Amos, Acton, Ahmed, Alli, Bach, Bassam, Battacharya, Blackstone, Birt, Bragg, Campbell-Savours, assorted Carters, three Davies's, Darzi, Desai, Drayson, Dubs, Falconer, Faulkner, Foster of Thamesbank , Malloch-Brown, Myners, Kinnock x 2, Scotland, Royal, 'Gorbals' Mick, and other assorted non-entities and most deserving of all - Mr. Mandelson.

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