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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by SKJOLD, Jun 6, 2004.

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  1. Has any one else decided to pak their bags and leave the UK, after termination of service to the colours?

    I moved to Norway.

    I ski at weekends.
    Walk in the mountains in the summer
    Get to look at 6ft tall, blonde haired, blue eyed women all day long.
    Earn nearly 5 grand per annum more than my UK counterpart.

    And pay 6 quid for a pint of Guiness.
    and pay 36%income tax.
    (add national insurance contributions and income tax together I dont think its far off. And if it is well I dont pay council tax either)
  2. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Yep, am here in Germany, same tax, less costs, more skiing/summer
  3. I m in oz, quality of life is excellent, cost of living is cheap the only downside is tax is 43% if you earn above 20k (sterling) per year although no national insurance. Sunny all year round, skiing in the south, lots of fit women...need I say more?? beats Watford!
  4. East island of Oztralia, aka NZ, can't beat down under.
  5. Heading for the Algarve next month. Bags o' sun, cheap living, fack all use for skiing tho' 8O

    Still, I was shoite at skiing when I tried it anyway !

    Ubique ya bass !!!
  6. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Hound kept pulling you over no doubt?
  7. Stumpy would've eat the fcuking ski's, for a light snack, between eating weapons :lol:

    (200 up, yey :roll: )
  8. Stayed in Germany and like it - apart from being unemployed at present... might even warrant returning to the UK!!! 8O
  9. I'm doing the same - how do you guys get at your pension? Do you declare it to the tax authority of the country you reside in or just draw on it from an ATM??
  10. Wot fcukin pension??

  11. Ditto, even down to the 36% income tax.

    you didn't mention the 5 weeks holidays, getting extra summer holiday pay and only paying half income tax at xmas. :)

    Looking at your tag i guess your at the opposite end of the country to me.
  12. Running away to Oz in the new year - can't bloody wait.
  13. I got out way back in 96... came to Kuwait for a 5 week contract and have been here ever since. 8O
    No Ski-ing unless you count water Ski-ing :oops:
    More sun than pretty much everywhere else. 8)
    NO TAX...cant count that much money and have properties down under (NZ) :p

    Been a long 5 weeks though, but will do another 3 or 4! :?:
    And yeah....what pension, 9 years with the Army and the pension is worth less than squat...when I get old enough to squat I might consider asking for it. :twisted:
  14. i have considered moving to either USA or Canada .
    do any of you have idea or advice or possible pitfalls of such a move also the pension question is a good one to consider.
    where is the cheapest place to buy a house in USA/canada with job opportunities at the same time.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    Ask yourself these questions:

    1st world like Hong Kong or 3rd like Thailand

    Do you learn them easily, if not that english speaking might be best

    are you retired - Thailand your pension will go far? Single - then only speaking english will limit your options?

    EU for work permission? Or if it isn't necessary then the globe is your oyster

    Could be the deciding point for you!

    do they want to come

    will you be too far away to see them regularly

    you can earn $10-20,000 in Saudi with the right skills. But you might lose your head. Oz wages are worth sh*t except in Australia. Kiwi's work for Penuts.

    Perhaps you should look at why you want to leave and they identify why the US or Canada or another place will the answer.