Life Outside the Mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by walter_mitless, Feb 26, 2007.

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  1. There was a TV programme on the other night about homeless people. I'd like to bring it up, here, please. As a former member I'd like to offer my respects, to the "Mess". I've also gone from the Mess to the street, not because of drink or drugs, either.

    Basically, the founder of the Big issue was talking sense. His vision on the homeless and the sick?....they don't have the wherewithall to help themselves half the time. My own view? society knocks the vulnerable and the homeless (and often both) from pillar to post.

    The system says you can't take a homeless, often drunken or drug addled person, off the streets by force. Its THEIR choice. Even if they are so mentally ill that they cannot think for themselves, or control themselves.. Not pleasant, no.

    Keep talking to the bigots and the intransigent for us, Mr Bird. Keep educating the public about how their money is being wasted by daft systems and failed projects. Oh, and while you're at it, do you think you could save a few lives, as well as a few pounds? That would be nice.

    Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Its great. No mess bills, boring farts reminding me how port is passed and other sad rules that don't mean anything in the bigger picture. Oh before i forget, wifes off, wearing their husbands rank thinking they own the place. The double standards of those claiming to be good mess members whilst racking up £900 mess bill without anything happening about it. What happens in the mess stays in the mess- thats a joke as well.
  3. Well said.Sad but so true.
  4. First; due respects to Mess members and all Mess personalities viewing this thread. I have a short request and won't stay for long, there's not even a need for me to "sign in at the door"... nor to order from the bar.

    Clearly; there are tangible risks, that lads and lasses may be vulnerable to homelessness, depression, and a multitude of issues, after leaving the Forces. The figures speak for themselves. No-one can be held to account, it's just how things are. We all know that. None of us need egg-sucking lessons. Our Forces are now actively engaged, and under strain. ........

    Homelessness and illness are not always anyone's fault, nor is any fault laid here. It might be better and more constructive, to treat the early symptons.

    Some of us outside will be glad to support vulnerable folks (on the outside). Those of us with military backgrounds can empathise and identify with them. Counsellors and community support workers will be there,

    << IF individuals want HELP they have to ASK for help. It's the way the system works. No ask, no get. Never mind pride and prejudice ! >>

    Help can't come in other ways because people are considered to have CHOICES. But, their senior military managers can help, now.

    Please help us to support those people who may be vulnerable, less able, or less fortunate, and those who WILL end up homeless or with illness, after service.

    Thank you. No offence meant.