Life on Mars

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by slopey_shoulders, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Wrong website, wrong forum possibly?... But anyone else out there in ARRSE land watching this ? its like watching the sweeney and the proffesionals .. with lines like "if anything happens to my car ill come round to your house and break your toys" this programme is a classic!
  2. yeah watching it
    entertaining... were the police really that bent back then? It's a wee bit before my time
    possibly belongs in the entertainment forum...
  3. Brilliant stuff
  4. Damm fine programme, subtle humour. 10 out of10
  5. Just heard every ARRSE gay male description in one sentence this evening...... it'd make GB, DB2, Biccy and a few others proud..... Classic!

    Beebs :)
  6. BBC read 'Mars', and thought that you were on about the chocolate bar.
  7. quality to show totally hooked
  8. Saw the last 15 mins last night, Quality wish I'd watched more of the series.

    The classic look of the bloke in the freezer sporting brown Y fronts with orange piping brought the 70's flooding back.

    Is the young inspector some sort of time traveller?
  9. outrageous series, one of the few decent things the beeb has done with license money in the past few years. really enjoying it. startin to look up to the DCI as a bit of a DI Reagan legend.

    thoroughly enjoyable and less PC than most shyte on at the minute, so i'm naturally loving it. well done beeb.

    on another note, after life on mars i've started flicking over to 'Help yuor self' on ITV1, with angus deayton. is it just me thats absolutely amazed and gobsmacked, not to mention a little surprised, that most of the loons in starring roles on this classic clip show are spams? whoever could have thought it. blowpipe boy michael janich last night was particularly entertaining. the animal ones i find to be the most disturbing, the yank with 11 sidearms about his person (1 of which was under the table next to him, therefore not technically about his person) was particularly stereotypical and the welsh 'naked yoga' piece was, in my humble opinion, a little unrealistic (on the grounds that there were naked welshmen, yet not a sheep in sight, and lets face it, is getting naked in wales ever a wise thing to do?)
  10. Whereas I missed the last 15mins .... what happened ?

    DI was a DCI in modern Manchester investigating a murder, got knocked down and is in coma in hospital ... the voices you hear are nurses/visitors at his bedside. He can't work out if he's dreaming, but will find out if JR Ewing turns up in an episode. Quite what the significance of the girly from the test-card is, I know not - unless Gary Glitter is to turn up and slip her a length.
  11. they nicked the iron hoof after he had the fit bird that stitched the DI up killed. she'd took the negatives from the honeytrap to the DI and burnt em. spectacular, if a little predictable.
    did i mention the fact that he was halfway thru giving a feller a gobble when they collared him?

    on a later note, do they still sell Party Sevens anywhere?
  12. Test card girl is death, she keeps trying to temp him to give up and die.
  13. Is anybody else hoping the young WPc is going to get her kit off .......or is it just me?
  14. You are darn tooting they were fella. Don't you remember the whole 'West Midlands Serious Crime Squad' Debacle. The proverbial dog's hind leg, old boy.
    Not that I am knocking bent coppers you understand. Bent from a faking evidence perspective, that is. A fed who actively dry bums you into a coma whilst in custody is a different matter.
  15. The early 70s were rife with news headlines about the latest result from operation Countryman - shire forces personnel investigating corruption in the Met during the 60s.