Life On Mars- Spam Edition

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by crabtastic, Sep 21, 2008.

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  1. Was dreading the debut of the ABC adaptation of this modern classic next month. However, they've just started showing ad spots for and there may be one saving grace in the casting.

    Lt Gene Hunt will be played by... Harvey Keitel.

    I must say, my interest has increased. 8)
  2. If anyone could broadcast the G.F. Newman stuff again - Sir You Bxstard - A Villains Tale - a Brief's Tale - A Coppers Tale.

    And if you can get it - ' Adam's Tale ' I think it was written by a newscaster.
  3. I agree with you there, Crabsy. If anybody can pull off the role in Septic, it's Harvey Keitel. I wonder what made them choose him?

  4. Probably this bit of cinematic quality!
  5. After seeing him in Bad Lieutenant i'm getting worried how evil Gene Hunt might become :lol:
  6. If you can pick up any of the books written by Bertie Smalls or Maurice O'Mahoney. Both serious bank robbers in the late sixties and seventies, do so.

    I remember one of them writing about a job on a Nat West in the Harrow Road. They pulled up outside it and it was raining - there was an old copper standing out of the rain under a greengrocer's canapy next to the bank.

    The word was - when we get out and start it, shoot him. He was an old boy - by the time they got out of the Ford transit he had disappeared.

    It was lively in those days, when you responded to a Central Station Hold Up Alarm it was full on. Chances are - they would be there. I remember a mate of mine being driven to a bank robbery in Kennington. He was an authorised shot in those days. As they raced towards the bank - he saw the bandit car coming the opposite way.

    As he said - I looked at one of them - he looked back at me and he couldn't give a **** - such was the look on his face.
  7. Wow! Now that was brilliant. He'll definitely make a worthy Gene Hunt.

    Cheers a bunch for posting that, SH!

  8. Bugsy,

    if you haven't seen Bad Lieutenant, run to XtraVision now...

    it is one of the baddesst-ARRSEd films known to man.

  9. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

  10. Gordon Honeycombe, serious journo/TV newsbloke. Wrote the true story on Adam's behalf. MK