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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Warren, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. Hello to everyone. Sorry if you saw this same post elsewhere on the forums.

    RADIO FIVE LIVE is looking for former servicemen and women who recently served in IRAQ 2 or AFGHANISTAN and have now left the services who're willing to tell us their experiences of readjusting to Civvy Street. How difficult was it to find work?
    Has or injury or PTSD been a problem for you? Please also get in touch if you ended up sleeping rough or became homeless. How did being in the forces impact your relationships and family life? Do you think more could be done to help British servicemen and women adapt to life as a civilian? You can email me at or reply here with your email address and I'll contact you directly.
  2. journo scum.

  3. Lay off you tit. At least he's upfront and trying to broaden public awareness.

    Any more classic one liners?
  4. Sixty

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    To be honest, I agree with Flash. Soldiers are disproportinately likely to end up homeless. Anything we can do to raise awareness of this is welcome.
  5. I stand corrected... . About time people brought this to light!
  6. I also support the press pushing issues of homelessness and suffering of ex-service personnel. But he is only interested in the last two conflicts, suffering goes well beyond those two conflicts. If he was to leave out the "recently served in IRAQ 2 or AFGHANISTAN". Those service or ex, will suffer later on in their lives!
    Its the mistreatment service personnel have had over many years and many conflicts / wars. This I believe was the point being made on the other post and by me and others.

  7. Yes but in the context of a radio program, where time is short, there is clearly an argment to be made for choosing materials that will best attract listeners and raise collective public awareness.

    Right now, Iraq and Afghanistan are at the forefront of public consciousness; they are what the public are interested in. So perhaps there should be less nitpicking and more support shown?
  8. Scabster_Mooch, thats a good point, extract my last. I just hope the awareness starts to make some changes for ex-service personnel. And Combat Stress starts to get better funding.

  9. Well known fact most veterans will suffer after a traumatic event/tour usually a good while later. In some cases 10 or more years after the event. Sometimes civilian life and stress out here adds it to the trauma.