Life on Civvy Street

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by Warren, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. RADIO FIVE LIVE is looking for former servicemen and women who recently served in IRAQ 2 or AFGHANISTAN and have now left the services who're willing to tell us their experiences of readjusting to Civvy Street. How difficult was it to find work?
    Has or injury or PTSD been a problem for you? Please also get in touch if you ended up sleeping rough or became homeless. How did being in the forces impact your relationships and family life? Do you think more could be done to help British servicemen and women adapt to life as a civilian? You can email me at or reply here with your email address and I'll contact you directly.

  2. Cos they have internet under the railway arches dont they :shakefist:

  3. rofl haha plug your laptop to the nearest tree><

    on a serious note :S i am homeless thanx to 2 women and the british system. hay ho who cares. survival training for the win!!!! rejoining now so stuff em
  4. hmm... as if we did have to endure faye turney enough, whats next squaddie big brother... actually that sounds cool... :)