Life-long civvies on ARRSE

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tax_Tw-t, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. The more the merrier

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  2. Only if you intend to join up at some point

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  3. Only if you're funny/have big tits

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  4. Grudgingly, but you'd better keep your head down and mouth shut

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  5. There's the door, use it

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  1. OK, here goes.

    I'm a lifelong civvie who was introduced to this site by my Ex-REME ex-boss and found it to be one of the funniest and most interesting sites on the old Interweb. Although I've never served, I find that I have a squaddie-like sense of humour, something I am currently receiving psychiatric help for! :D
    Lurked for about four months, then decided to join ("lurk and learn").

    I'm not a Walt, or a wannabe. I've never pretended to be anything I'm not (except slightly better hung).

    Reading ARRSE has actually made me want to join the TA - I feel that I'm too old, financially tied and physically f*cked to join the regs, but the TA's just about possible, provided I don't try my nearest unit (see signature!).

    One thing I find hard to judge is the acceptability of us total civvies on ARRSE - are we welcome?

    I am aware this is the NAAFI bar, so I'm braced for abuse :)

    Edited to add that I keep trying to add a poppy to my avatar, but it comes up black and white? Oh well.
    Edited again to remove reference to "incoming" - I'm not a walt!
    (One of these days I'll do something that doesn't need re-doing three or four f*cking times!)
  2. All people who have served will end up as civvies - so why not.
  3. Also a life long civvy who likes the site because it's witty and informative. Family history of both regular and TA members and plenty of mates and work collegues who have served. Too old to join up now and only recently got into the site when it's all too late for me. (Though, Tax_Tw-t, I take care not to use terms like "incoming" or any other military jargon that is likely to receive a "feck off walt" reply).
  4. My kids are civpop, and they are ok, I suppose.

    So why not, I know plenty of serving and exs that are bigger knobbers than the civvies I know (ie my kids)

    Dig out!
  5. There are many welcome lifelong civvies that are more than very welcome.

    When that falters is when they judge those serving and those who have served and expect us to behave in a different light. Those that kick off when they don't get the humour or are considered outside the loop in some discussions.

    Those are the cnuts that aren't welcome.
  6. I'd like another option on the poll: "Never served but completely indebted to the Armed Forces, and utterly compassionate for the work they do, and will keep my head down and comment when i feel nessecary"

    Not the one i fit into, by the way.
  7. They (generally) allow squaddies on civvy sites - so why not vice versa?
  8. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I was a civilian before I served, a civilian whislt I served - in line with Crowellelian tradition- and a civilian after I served.
    Apart froman unhealthy addiction to khaki underwear and loud bangs, there is not a great deal of difference.
    We should welcom all opinions.
    We evn listen to MDn. Sometimes. But not often. And not until he has had his medication.
  9. Civvies are all Cnuts, fact. The only reason I still tolerate my own mother is because she is too old and decrepid to join!
  10. 100% agreed. There are kn0bbers everywhere and good people evreywhere. This is ARRSE and if kn0bbers don't like it here they can click the Exit button and feck off. However there are many on here who although still in/ having been in uniform don't exactly fit into what many people actually think we should be e.g right wing, reactionary, BNP voters,. Some may be and if they can argue their point of view lucidly then they get a shout;others may be Trotskyist revolutionary arrseholes but same point applies.

    Is this a bit serious for NAAFI? :D
  11. We're always dripping on about hw little info civpop get about what the Army does. The more civvy types the better, so long as everyone remembers it's a site primarily for Ex and Serving and shouldn't be judged by civvy standards.

    We have a nice info flow back and forth about the views of servicepeople vs civvys, so long as everyone recognises where their experience lies and what its limitations are, no problems.
  12. Good sentiment, but it might've left me open to pi5s-taking or accusations of being after some "action"
  13. Servicemen do not become civilians when they leave - they become ex-servicemen! Or women. In fact some servicemen leave so they can become a woman...but that is another thread...

    As for hating one's mother because she is a civvy, I was never troubled by that. She was a WRNS officer in WW2.
  14. I prefer 'ex service' or 'veteran'.

    RR has perhaps a unique career civvy member with a matelot fixation, well, when he's not obsessed with himself (he has an ARRSE profile too). Civvies are welcome as long as they stick to what they know. Few things are as annoying as a groupie back stage picking up a guitar.
  15. One thing that pisses me off is civvies who come on here and slag off the Royal Family - like some feckwit did to the Princess Royal recently.

    We have all sworn an oath to HM and she and her family head up most of our Regiments and Corps. That entitles people who have served to an opinion one way or the other - civvies should shut up unless its complimentary.