Life is shit!

Tell me about it; I'm in the middle of moving and defrosting my fridge. No cold beer for RC tonight.
Always put yourself down then things canonly get better.
No one ever said it would be a bucket of roses .....


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How can anyone be sad when there's a number you can dial, and in 30 minutes you can be eating tasty pizza?
His local Oddbins may have been destroyed overnight in a conflagration taking Pizza Hut and the kebab place with it.

Have a heart and think of the children. The poor, malnourished and now sober children.
So life is a piece of shit eh.................. I think there is a song there!!

When it all gets too much I just think of FMP doing naughty things to me, make my special place tickle. And by the time I've changed my pants I cannot remember why I was a sad miserable git!
Do you ever think, it cant get any worse, or you think you are over things then they come back and fuck you up yet again?
Yes, it's been a bastard of a week.

But I'm not giving you fuckers a good laugh by telling you about it.

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