Life Insurance

I'm hoping to join the Army in January 2008 as an Ammo Tech with a view to going on to an EOD role.

Obviously life insurance is near the top of the list before I join and I was wondering if any of you guys (EOD-ers and Ammo Techs in particular) had any trouble getting life insurance?

If it was easy to get, could you reply with a web address or telephone number of the provider?

Take out PAX, it is the only one that will cover you well.

Other providers would take my money but stated I would not be covered whilst on duty! Pointless waste of money

There are a number of specialist insurance companies providing life insurance to the military who understand the unique requirements of the Forces; for example the need to provide cover for war risks such as chemical or biological attack. We always recommend that you take advice so that any policy you buy meets your specific requirements.

It may be that, given your age (seen on an earlier post), you do not have dependents, and therefore it may be more appropriate to look at the benefits of Critical Illness and Personal Accident policies.

A good adviser will spend time with you to establish your precise requirements – give us a call on 00800 11 22 33 06 free from the UK and Germany or +44 (0) 1782 793 470 from rest of the world, and we’ll be pleased to help you with more information without obligation.

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