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Alright lads - startin basic down at pirbright on 29th may - fingers crossed pass that then phase 2 at salisbury - got my first choice of crewman technical. My question is what should I expect when I hopefully arrive at a unit - how are the newbees treated, dos and donts etc

any advice /help would be appriciated
Practice painting over rust and dirt

Learn the subtle art of pushing a bass broom around the garage and making the task take all day

Adapt your body to get used to sleeping on cam nets

Seriously though mate, listern to what everyone has said already, learn the personalites in the regt, adjts are the biggest pain, no-one knows who they are but they expect to be recognised on sight. Find out where all the depts are as you will probably have to run errands there early on and beware the gunner that wants to be your friend, theres a reason he pals up to you, beware.

Other than that, just be open to the experience, you might not get your first choice and you get sent where you are needed not usually where you want and what you get lumbered with might actually be better. At times it might be repetitive and boring but it won't be long before you are running round like blue arrsed flies getting kit ready etc, learn the phrase "Hurry up and wait"

Many slag the RA but it is one of the most diverse Regiments you will ever join so be adaptable, in 12 years and 5 tours I have never done my role operationally, but learnt new skills and experienced things you would never have being a gun number etc.

Good luck and welcome to the Royal Regiment

Once a Gunner, always a Gunner
wellyhead said:
Seriously though mate, listern to what everyone has said already,
amazing__lobster said:
Everytime you are asked to do something, you must ask if that is a violation of your human rights and also question the legality of what you have been asked to do.
Well with one exception :roll:

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