Life in the Sigs- CSE?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by KiaranOleary, Aug 26, 2010.

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  1. Im 15 and hoping to join the Rs when I finish school when im 16 and go in as a comms systems engineer junior entry, Just wondering will I be likely to get posted to afghanistan or iraq? I dont want to be stuck behind a desk all the time, can someone tell me their experience as a comms systems engineer as I want to be in combat aswell as the job. If Im not in Afghanistan or Iraq where would I be likely to get posted and what does a day as a systems engineer involve, Thankyou. Sorry if this has been posted before I couldn't find an answer that im looking for.
    Will I combat be involved in the job and will I be likely to going on patrols?
  2. As you will be aware, British forces in Iraq are down to a small number of training jobs and they are mainly officers. Therefore you are extremely unlikely to go to Iraq, unless it all kicks off again.

    You are very likely to go to Afganistan, as it's the Army's main effort for the foreseeable future. Even if your unit isn't going, they are always on the lookout for individual volunteers to go and work their arses off. Everyone has a chance to go on patrol, but it all depends what the unit's role is really. You might spend most of your tour in a darkened hut, you might end up climbing masts, you could be at a desk, you might be in a workshop fixing stuff, you could be the IT bloke, it's really very hard to tell.

    Check this out - it's blatant propaganda but not bad -

    Also I recommend reading this thread about Signals support to the infantry - - but they are mainly CS Operators.
  3. Thanks Great Answer, CS operator would be my second choice anyway:thumright:
  4. Hello mate,

    Speaking as a serving CS Eng I can safely say you will not be sat behind a desk. On successful completion of your training you could find yourself posted to any Signals unit within the UK or Germany working on a variety of equipments and systems. It is also very possible that wherever you get posted to you could find yourself going to Afghanistan either as a unit or as an individual on a trawl. Royal Signals Infantry Support Teams are starting to take shape now so after your first posting you could volunteer for one of thses jobs which as the names suggest will mean you serving with an infantry unit for 3yrs or so and doing everything that they do.
    There are many jobs you could do as a CS Eng its just a matter of how far and well you want to do in your career.
  5. Note - the R SIGNALS Infantry Support Teams do have a Comm Sys Engr in them. It would be the sort of job you could do once you have got some experience (probably 3-5 years once you have finished your initial training).
  6. Not a first tour sprog though. I think they have a Sgt but maybe someone can clarify.
  7. The RSIST have a CSE established post. The CSE should be min Class 2 in the rank of LCpl or Cpl.
  8. Glad to hear it won't be an office job, Is it true that you can get promoted to lance corporal straight after phase 2 as it says on the website or is that just a load of rubbish, also is a Comms Engineer a Higher band payment or lower?
  9. Yep, promotion at the end of Phase 2, as long as you pass everything including a Potential NCO course. Also, higher pay band. Result!
  10. Quality, thanks man :)
  11. Some units get a Class 1 Cpl or Sgt.
  12. Hence my quote a Minimum, indeed there are Class 1 CSE's embedded within the RSIST, but only due to a lack of volunteers at Class 2 LCpl/Cpl.
  13. Fools.

    I was in one of the last RLDs to go, and would give my left big toenail to get back in to such a slot. Away from the Corps.