Life in the SAS (R)

Long time viewer, first time poster on this forum :) So I know what "wahs" are and I know whats required of being in the SAS (R). I've also read through all the threads I could find using the search button.

I'm sure I'll still come across as being a cnut though but...whatever.

I had originally looked at joining the RMR. The attraction for me was that they seem quite professional and a number seem to have slotted in well with the regular RM. Even the uniform has no distinction.

I'm also looking at 23 SAS and, like I say, I know what the general deal is etc etc...however, I'm keen to know how they fit in on operations and are valued?

From threads I've read it seems:

1) There is no chance to serve with 22

2) They are in fact despised by 22

3) They don't have a huge amount on offer thats different to 'regular' TA infantry units - standard weapons etc.

Forgive me if I'm wrong on that, its just what Ive come across in this forum.

For one reason or another I elected not to pursue a career in the forces but would like to do a tour at some stage and the reserves seem suitable for me to achieve this. I've heard of a couple of dross TA units who really live up to the "Dad's Army" ways but appreciate a lot are first class and if I'm going to take the plunge and sacrifice a lot of time and hopefully go for selection I wouldnt want to get there and realise noone values them or thinks they are a bit 'special'.

Thanks for any thoughts or opinions, and again, sorry if I've in advertently put anyones nose out of joint....
Jimbo castleshorrrrrt is the man to ask TBH - good luck xx :D
the information I can give you is from the 1990's

The rule on serving with 22 was that if you managed 4k on selection and on test week (you need only 3k to pass with 21,23 but they were looking more at you being closer to 4) If you achived the 4k you could onto a HRR high readiness reserve and be attached to 22 it has happened. But you also need to be a good soldier they wont just take you because you can go like the wind over the hills.

The fact that they are dispised by 22, well in my experience not the case !test week for selection you all do it together 21, 22.23 granted they know we dont have to make the same time as them and they called us bimblers!!! but it was more a bit of mickey taking. All reserve squadrons have staff from 22. You will always get stick from full time service people against the reserves I have been both, and its just banter, saying that there are always some people that will never like reserves

Weopons your right standard infantry they were on about the m16 years ago, you do get to use foriegn weopon so you are familiar with them.

The one thing i would really say- is if you are appling direct from Civvie street with no military experience they will let you on selection but i only know one guy who came from civvie street with no military background that got in. its a really really hard course you have to be upto speed very quickly and on contiuation training it really helps to have a military background

The RMR is also extremely tough course. My advice reserve para or RMR then either SASR or SBS R

just my opinion hope it helps

You are a bigger wind-up merchant than me. Imagine having an alter ego just waiting in the wings to pounce....

Ya RAF pUff ye!!!!

I'm sure I know you from the laboon n ishe creem cadre :? :?

Edited to add; yer talking pish ya weegie Port glasgow pUff!!

The phrase "go like the wind" (you wavy navy?) disny exist!!! It's go like the clappers!!!!

Nae wonder Jim Shortt can walt it - he reads your posts...
Thanks for the posts folks.

(I'll ignore the weegie banter, especially coming from someone from edinburgh! what would they know about anything!? :wink: )

msr - Yeah, I've called about general info and such like but didn't know if it would come across as being a bit rude to just ask how reserves are perceived by the regulars after detecting animosity on this board! Will prob just man up and ask anyway...

Thanks again, good to know about the 4k/hr and not 3k/hr thing too.
Out of curiosity what loading and terrain is the 3 or 4Km per hour over and for what distance/duration?

(Yes I know I won't be doing it!) :)
Well,things have changed in recent years. The hill speed is now 3.5 ks to keep us in some sort of line with the regs.
We are doing a lot more with the regs now as they need us. Dont get me wrong we dont don the black kit lol, but there are some good jobs about.
as for liking us, Some do and some dont but if we have to work together you get on fine.
as for tours. ive been in 5 years and done 3 and a bit tours so theres lots to do.
the pay is bloody good to.!!
If i were you id give it a go.

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