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Discussion in 'Gunners' started by SGHH, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Just a couple of questions if anyone out there has the time or patience for them :D ............ much appreciated if you do........

    Are RA postings generally as part of a Battle group, i.e. a small number of RA attached to an infantry or armoured regiment or do you tend to be posted out as a regiment.....

    Also was wondering how varied the postings tend to be depending on what particular piece of armament your battery is equiped with, i.e. would the places a light gun battery go be completely different from the places an MLRS battery go>?
  2. i have read that top to bottom and it just gives the same spiel as the Army careers website, doesn't really answer those questions.
  3. The RA is formed as Regiments and will deploy to theatre as such, however on operations it is probable that individual batteries will deploy to BG's to provide close support, this of course is Gun Regiments I am talking of, the RA is very large and has a multiude of roles from STA to AD

    Lt Gun? MLRS ? If the shoe fits it will be used, best tool for the job, you will find that the RA goes in phases of popular kit. at the mo Lt Gun is the popular weapon of choice due to its flexibility and ease of deployment, not that long ago MLRS was the Next Big Thing, now theres only one regular regiment, when I first joined up Air Defence was fairly hot (probably due to the Falklands still very much in memory) now its considered a bit pointless.

    If its tours you are looking for then go for either Guns (AS90 or light) or UAV as they get around ALOT at the moment (till something new comes a long of course)
  4. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    If it's tours you want, try to go STA.

    Whilst not "proper" Gunners (with the obvious exception of my friends in 4/73, if any of them are left) they will, without a doubt, cover nearly all deployments in the future, even if it's only a radar here or a radar there.

    Chances are you'll get some transferable qualifications out of it as well, which might stand you in good stead for life after the army.
  5. ohhhhhh I hope those are VERY inverted commas there mate 8O

    Not being funny but err like what ????
  6. cheers for the replies :D
  7. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    My apologies WH. I forgot you were a locator in a former life! :wink: Just my steamy prejudices getting the better of me. :p

    The lad is likely to get further in civvy life with a knowledge of radars, sound ranging or met than he is with basic guns....... Or intelligence for that matter (before you get it in! :D )
  8. Sheldrake if i didn't know you better a fire mission would be coming your way from this STEAMIE.
  9. Only if he bullshitts like my sound banging mate who bluffed his way into a job becuase he answered a question o on Multiplexing, he knew feck all about multiplexing, but it came up once in a course and got out a vaugly right sounding answer. The only thing it really gives you is a belief that you can handle things that are a bit technical, but sigs or CP work will do the same, but I am pretty sure there aren't many jobs looking for an advanced model plane flyer :twisted: