Life in the RA? Light Gun

Its my second job choice (got my ADSC next thursday) and i was just wondering what life is like in the RA? Especially as a light gunner if theres anybody in here doing that? Is it a varied career or are you just cleaning a gun all day? would just like to know incase i don't get my 1st job choice :D thanks.
There are 3 Regts that have light gun:

40 Regt based in N.I (we have only just gone out there)
7 para RHA (part of 16 airborne brigade)
29 commando Regt (who work with the RM)

With in the regts you have 3 jobs:

OP's: If you want to be where the action is, that's where you want to be as they work closely with the infantry.

Guns: As its says on the label, you work on the guns, bringing it in to action, prepping and firing.

Arty logistics: Basically your a driver and transportation of stuff.

You can change around jobs with in these three. Its not a bad life and the lads are pretty good.

This is the 40 Reg MOD web site
Don't forget there are posts as CP signallers.

Also, 4th Regiment now have a dedicated light gun Battery. Most units stood by to go to Afghanistan convert to light gun over a period of weeks prior to deploying. If you want a slice of the 'Stan action then the UK based Regiments tend to be the ones that go and play (although not always, as anyone from 4th will tell you)

Hope this helps.
If i do go in RA then i think ill volounteer for 7 para RHA. Does this require you to get 9.18 or less in your ADSC or is there another run you do in phase 1 that will enable you for it?
adamb said:
Passed ADSC, got my first job choice though not RA. Going for queens division 2 Royal Anglian (Inf).
My bold.
Glad you pointed it out, we'd have never known otherwise :roll:
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