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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Ozduke, Jul 18, 2007.

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  1. Do Subbies still show "form" in the mess? Or are they too busy playing play station, styling their hair or worrying about what t-shirt looks best with their new jeans?!

    I'd be interested in hearing some tales of good form. During these busy times it's a must!

    I'm trying to teach these Aussies not to take life too seriously!
  2. Know what you mean - Ive come from a busy Station Officer's Mess in Germany, to a shocking attempt in Holsworthy, Sydney with about 5 livers-in.

    Tried organising some sort of socials, without any kind of support from the PMC! Outrageous! People here can't get away from the mess quick enough!
  3. So it would appear that Aussie messes seem to be lacking in enthusiastic members?
  4. From my fairly short experience, mess life is far quieter than in the UK. I put a lot of it down to the fact that, 1) In general, Aussies are as tight as ducks arrses, and 2) most of the subbies live out as they are allowed to move into a quarter with their girlfriend/fiance - even whilst going through training at Duntroon!

    Sadly, both of these factors contribute to a largely non exsistant mess life! That said, I have had some good good nights, but fairly few and far between. Hence my appeal for tales of form back home!!
  5. IIRC, The Officer magazine (in its old form) ran an article many moons ago about the importance for the officer Ethos of letting YOs run riot occasionally as long as they made good afterwards. It was actually quite sensible, with lots to do with the need for officers with initiative and daring and so on.

    Have you told them about a Director of Infantry who shall not be named, a certain mess and the front page of a certain national newspaper?
  6. Was in an Officers mess, nothing special, just a Happy Hour I was allowed along to (Not being in the Army just yet). Spent some hours in the packed bar drinking, laughing, fairly basic night.

    Proceed to town in a Taxi convoy with a group of Subbies + extras, spend much time dancing as if it's the eighties! Good laugh all round, much more drink was consumed.

    Proceed back to the mess some hours later (the group has thinned somewhat). One of the subbies decides that we need access to the bar (which is now closed and locked) and so proceeds to disappear around the corner, claiming he knows a secret way in the back.

    Ten minutes later, still hovering round the bar door, I decide I need the loo. Proceed to the loo to relieve myself. Standing at the urinal, I hear a voice: "I can see youuuuu, Goon" Turn head around - There's the subbie, at the window, with a manic smile on face, covered in mud down one side!

    Turns out he had clambered on to the roof for some reason, and then pomptly fell off, hitting the mud. He didn't break anything but was severely bruised. Did he care? Not a jot - clambers in through the window of the loo, and we proceed to drink in his room!
  7. I've dined out on that story many times!!
  8. I missed the night in my Regimental Mess when the subbies got pissed and decided to have a go at tray-sliding down the stairs. I also know of a mess rivalry between two of the units on base back in Germany; from what I've heard, it involves pink paint, and some boulder of Regimental importance.
  9. It's not just the Officers Mess. All Messes and boozers suffer from the individualistic Playstation generation. Should have the PMC lock the doors like the days of old... :D
  10. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    This is one of the few occasions in life when I can say...I was there and it was great fun!
  11. Did this evening involve a car and a motorbike in an environment that they would not normally be found? In addition to some other "stuff"?
  12. untallguy

    untallguy Old-Salt Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I can neither confirm nor deny any reports of motor vehicles being driven in and out of the Mess. Any other 'stuff' that may have been reported to have happened is only hearsay...

    Bloody good night!
  13. My memories if this is the same evening we are speaking about are slightly hazy! It must have been something that I ate. I do remember having to assist (as well as other members of my syndicate) a light blue, sideways walking, member of the DS to get back to his mess - I think he had eaten something funny as well as he didn't seem very well.
  14. Ah, yess.... Stephen was not impressed with the damage to the paintwork!
  15. The now infamous 'doughnuts' in the carpet occasion one assumes.... Hurrah!