Life in the Int Corp?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by greenslime?, Jan 25, 2005.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm currently considering applying to the Int Corp and have a couple of questions about life in the ranks which I hope you can answer. If not, I rest assured that certain members will delight in pointing out the fathomless stupidity of my enquiries.

    First, what are the resettlement opportunities really like? I'm currently going through the 'rubber stamp' process of an undergrad politics degree at a quality university. I have already gained some useful job seeking experince: heading a team of 20ish subs and 80ish underilngs on a publication with a large annual budget and circulation in the tens of thousands. Combined with a good internship I have a shot at a half-decent graduate job. How would my career prospects compare after a spell in the Int Corp? Is it PC repair courses for all?

    Second, what is the Officer-Rank relationship like? As suggested on this board, does it really differ from the rest of the Army? For example are the ranks expected to staff Officers' Mess functions?

    Third, what about day to day living? Do the ranks live in blocks? Do they suffer the ignominy of draconian block rules and inspections? I can accept that there needs to be discipline but being treated like a child doesn't appeal.

    Int is really the only section of the Army that appeals. Having had the misfortune of spenting time with the dimwitted alcohol repositories of the OTC, attempting RCB is not for me. Any constructive replies much appreciated.

  2. You a Journo then?
  3. I'm not sure that your reason for not attempting RCB makes too much sense. OTC and the proper are Army are far removed and Westbury a different matter again. That is the only part I can comment on but I would suggest looking into things a little more deeply research wise. should tell you more.
  4. i take it that you think youre better than every other soldier in the British Army then!!
  5. Hummm thats what I was thinking........
  6. Daily Mail, for my money.
  7. Is that you again Jake???

    Is cryptome down today or something??

    Glad to see that the ethos of duty and public service is alive and well in the 21st century.

    Hasn't joined and he already wants to leave!!

    Must really want to be a rupert :twisted:

    ever heard of ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country ??

    The prognosis for a jack b@t@rd who starts off by thinking of himself first is that he will leave the Army with no mates, no social skills and no integrity.

    Hmmm...perhaps there is a space in the DI 24 world????

    If you can not hack it in the OTC bar, then the Army is not for you.

    Then please move along smartly to the right Sir, and try the RAF
  8. Pretty much the response I expected.

    Although you do have me there AntPhilip. My main reason for not pursuing the officer route is that Intelligence is the only section I’m interested in. I’m well versed in the need for good mental arithmetic etc I just couldn’t resist a jibe at the OTC.

    “ever heard of ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country ??”

    Yes, but it occurs to me that we’re not actually in Cold War America. Try using a quote relevant to the present day. There are other ways to serve your country than join the forces. OK, none of them involve dying but you can still provide a worthwhile commodity other than security. I will be pursuing public service that’s why I’m considering the Army. However, if it involves a shit quality of life and sweet f-a career options I think I’ll pass.

    With regards to thinking about resettlement, I think it only prudent. A person who doesn’t plan their career is a fool. I’m sure your assumption that I’m a ‘jack bastard’ with no social skills makes you feel secure. Think what you like.

    Oh, and if I was a journo I’d simply take a quote off the Int Corp website and spice it up into 250 words about the wonderful career opportunities and how ex-green slime pop up everywhere from the Telegraph website to that Travelocity guy. Come on guys, what’s the real deal?
  9. As someone who remembers the Kennedy era first hand, I certainly don't think that he was talking about the Cold War at the time.

    As for me, I don't need to feel secure about what you, I, or anyone else thinks.

    You have said enough about yourself already :wink:

    If you were a journo you would know that some of the broadsheet commentators and Today Programme journalists have been know to defer to what they read round here.
  11. Oi! Some of us are Proud of being Students (OK, so it's "again", but don't lump us with this t**t. :))
  12. Why not join the Int Corps as an officer? They do have them you know.
  13. Whiskeybreath

    One day when men were men, and snorkels were jackets, I overheard the man in the front of the Commer van remark that you had been there and got the T shirt some time ago. ( now you are after a second, or is it third??)

    Like Seamus before you, I think there are some mature students we ex vegetables can always accommodate. :wink:

    PS: Have you finished off that last bottle of "anti-septic mouthwash yet??"
  14. Well, I guess we’ve established that I’m not a journo.

    It seems that I’m a student twat because I’ve dared to question your value system. Whatever.
  15. Well, that's done it. Whiskybreath's had an attack of nostalgia which he said could only be cured by the caress of greasy fake fur and orange nylon. He left a message on his TC-55 that he's legged it in search of 'mouthwash'.
    I have it on good authority that this is his second expedition into spotty studenthood; he expects to be a master at debating or something.
    He also left a message to 'greenslime?', saying something about getting a grip....what did you expect in here.....rubber johnny ...... mumble...