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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by wbas88, Aug 31, 2009.

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm interested in becoming a Guardsman, and was wondering, typically, what life is like in the Guards (Preferably Grenadiers or Coldstream). From what I understand, after completeing ITC, you're posted to the public duties companies, from which you progress into the 'regular' battalion, correct? When you've done some time in the battalion, do you ever get sent back to the public duties company? Or do members from the battalion ever do public duties?
    Also curious about life in garrison. Are you required to live in barracks, or can you live elsewhere? And really, how much can you save, money wise, living in barracks? A lot, or is a lot deducted for food/rent etc?

    Anything else you have to add about the Guards would be great!

  2. Good questions. I too would like to know abit more about life in the Guards - I'm looking at Welsh Guards (also Grenadier guards) or the Rifles. I'm 22.

    Obviously joining the Welsh Guards is a plus if you are from Wales as initially, it's prehaps less alien. (no jokes haha) I'm not sure if it would be cutting my nose off despite my face: spare a few taffy/sheep shagger jokes and slightly more familiarisation to begin with, yes, but I can't help feeling its part of the adventure to meet/live/train with others from around the UK. Even if at first I feel abit like the odd one out. Hmmm, I hope this is making sense gents. I have lived away from home before to study (not uni) so I wont be missing mammy an all that. 8O 8O

    As for wbas88 mate - I think you get paid an extra £1100 or something a year (could be wrong) to cover the expensive of living in london (tho hardly enough I would say) Also I've heard the guards (mainly Grenadier) are quite pedantic, tho thats just their way. Finally, I'm pretty sure most guards rotate through ceremonial, and spend several months every few years at it - apart from Nijmegen Company.

    You watched Guarding the Queen - its on youtube, posted by oddball (the same guy who uploads all the Ross kemp in 'Stan vids. Ive just had a look and can't find it so it may have been taken down, sorry :?

    Anyway sorry to Hijack your thread mate.
  3. Talking as an ex Grenadier, once you have completed ITC you will go to Nijmegen Coy which is predominently a public duties Coy. VERY rarely
    Blokes go straight to Bn. Life in Nijmegen wasn't great when I was there, seen more as a phase 3 training unit, so you you get dicked about
    A bit.

    And yes the Bn also do public duties, I believe they were doing street lining for QBP in between PDT for a Herrick tour!

    If your in the Bn and want to go back to Nijmegan then you can, you will be treated like god and will get away with murder, as its full of crows
    You end up being left alone to do whatever you want and 9/10 no stags on a Queens Guard- good times!

    Pm me if you want to know anything more.
  4. Following is posted verbatim from a friend of mine who is serving in the Guards:

    Hope that helps. No prizes for guessing which Guards he's serving with .. :D

  5. Thanks Tango, very informative!

    Just remembered I'd seen this on t'internet a few weeks ago :


    Good drills i believe :salut: