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A new series has started on Sky 3 (1900 Mondays from here on) focussing on what being in the Forces or being in a Forces family can mean.

Tonight's episode dealt with how Forces children deal with bereavement and how they can be helped, and PTSD. It shows and will follow three Falklands vets as they return there in order to try and confront their PTSD demons.



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I put this on CA because I think a discussion of PTSD is important. I assume the Fillums thread is about entertainment, which PTSD is NOT.


My original post was moved from the Intelligence Cell to 'TV, Films, etc'. The series really develops across this week, I hope you will continue to follow it. It follows the three guys on their Falklands pilgrimage each day, and there's an update with two of them on Friday about how they have fared since their return to the South Atlantic, three years on. We also look at those overcoming injuries, and a lot of other issues which don't generally get peaktime airtime


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I thought it was a good programme, well thought out.
Caught half of last night's prog.

Paddy? the Bootie/Piper, survivor's guilt personified.

Hope to catch all of the series at some point. Definately some issues that need a higher public profile.

Well done to the production company and to Sky for broadcasting it.

This was shown on tonights programme.
Gus was at the church service on the Falkland Island, He was 9 Para Sqn RE attached to 3 Para during the conflict. Off his own back he stood up and un-scripted with great passion said the following:


By Gus Hales

Every year on Remembrance Sunday
I sit in the corner of the British Legion Bar,
Dressed in blazer, shirt, Regimental tie
And polished shoes, with my head held high.

But deep in my mind, where nobody goes,
I see a wooden cross where the wind of victory lies.
“Three Cheers for Victory,” I hear the politician say.
But you never asked me about my victory.
And, if they did, I would have explained it this way:

It isn’t your flags or emblems of war,
Or the marching of troops past the Palace’s door.
It isn’t Mrs. Thatcher on the balcony high,
Reaffirming her pledge to serve or die.
But it’s the look and the pain on a teenager’s face
As he dies for his country, In a far off place.

It’s the guns and the shells and the Phosphorus grenades
And the wounded and the dead in freshly cut graves
Or the grieving wife or the fatherless child
Whose young, tender life will be forever defiled.

Or the iconic soldier with a shattered mind
Who takes the suicide option for some peace to find.
Well, that’s my victory but no one knows
For its deep in my mind where nobody goes.
I enjoyed the welfare part of the series, and the three guys from the Falklands, especially when Gus got up and made his speech, bloody brilliant.
But it got lost on the current day life in Afghan, describing Bastion as the front line, with their plasma tv`s, choice of 12 different dishes for evening meal.
I applaud every single gal and guy out there you have my utmost respect where ever you are posted and what ever job you do, I pray for you all every night.
But the series was totally screwed up by a crap tv production on what was their interpretation of the front line, it done you guys no favours at all with the softly spoken presenter and soft music, It needed a bit of Iron Maiden and a visit to the PB`s.
I spoke to my son who is in a Patrol base this week and could hear the Gimpy`s and morta`s going off only a few metres away, he was calmly sitting their with a brew chatting to me on the sat phone during his ten minute break from the firefight.
Ration packs that have use by 2007 stamped on them, crapping in plastic bags, water rationed, A plastic sheet acting as the front door to the base and no sleep.
Their first mail delivery took seven weeks to get there.
Thats their lot for six months.. thats the f----- front line.
I thought it was shite, apart from the bits about the vets and injured, everything else seemed to be regurgitated stock footage or news broadcast material.

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