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Life in the Forces, 7pm, Sky 3 every night this week


BFBS had made a series of 5 x half-hour programmes to be shown on Sky 3 all this week at 7pm UK time to show the British public different aspects of Forces life.

The programmes will also be shown on BFBS1 at 17.40 CET.

Sky 3 is Freeview channel 11.
Sorry, I thought the welfare bit was really good and when Gus got up and made his speech was superb.
But the rest was total crap, old Alice in Wonderland newsreel footage.... And Bastion the front line ????
I know a few guys in the PB`s who would strongly disagree with that, no plasma`s, no choice of hot meals, no comedy shows or David Beckham's for them boys.
The only time they see Bastion is if they get shot or go on R&R.
Ration packs with use by date 2007, Water rationing, Rat infested... do I need to go on, If you want to tell these stories tell it right or stay in blighty.

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