Life in the Coldstream Guards

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ChieftainDez, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. hello i was just wondering what life is like in the coldstream guards.
    i am joining the royal artillery but i have a friend of mine who is thinking of joing coldstream guards and he would like to know what life in battaion is like and when the next intakes are

  2. It's great!

    Get your friend to visit this site:

    There's loads of information on the Regiment and 1st Battalion, as well as links to the Recruiting Team who I'm sure would be more than happy to advise.
  3. Coming from a perspective outside of the Battalion, I've worked with a few of the blue red blue mafia and I have to say I do prefer the Coldstream Guards over the rest. Much less of the old f**k around factor and quite relaxed (but obviously not in a bad way ;) )
  4. Does "he" like sheep?
  5. If you like fancy dress, the guards are for you
  6. Bah bah bleet :wink:

    Nearly as good as The Scots but no quite :p
  7. King nobhead and walt - look at the press.
  8. Guards on parade

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  9. And the one in fron has single buttons on his tunic. Must be in Queen's Coy.

    A very sad week for the Grenadiers and will be felt across the family of the Brigade of Guards. Septic Norman, I hope you have looked at the news.
  10. I was 7 years Inf before transfering to the RAPC. After my transfer course my first posting was ....back to the Infantry......4 years with 1 Coldstream of the best units I served with in my 25 years in the "pay world"........they, like all Guards units are a real Family Regiment. They look after their own. I was due to leave after 2 years but extended to 4
  11. Sorry if this is a dumb question but i'm not sure which information on the internet is up to date.
    Where are the Coldstream guards based now?
    I know the Irish are at Windsor and the Welsh at Aldershot but unsure about the rest.

  12. 7 Company Coldstream Guards - Woolwich Barracks, London.

    1st Battalion Coldstream Guards - Afghanistan - Op HERRICK 11 with 11 Bde

    - Home Base Aldershot.
  13. Cheers for that Nark. I'm currently in process of joining up, waiting for my medical papers to stop being mucked about and just looking round at various regiments whilst waiting.
    The wife wants to stay living in Thames Valley Area initially so just tryig to see which regiments are based in the area.
    Happy wife , happy life!

  14. Sorry to disappoint you Foitin, but if you join the Coldstream Guards you won't be seeing much of your wife. You will be too busy on operational tours overseas - and for your down time between tours you will have the honour of guarding the Queen at Buckingham Palace and Trooping the Colour in London.

    Leisure time will be spent in Val d'Isere in France skiing with your mates.