Life in the Bn!......6 that is

Discussion in 'REME' started by Stumps, Aug 21, 2005.

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  1. Been here a while now, too many things goin on to mention! When we're not leaning were being cdt'd, when we're not being cdt'd we're leaning. is it me or is the place falling apart? What with senior WO's chasing commission and officers falling like lemmings, we don't know our arse from elbow!!!
  2. there are quite a few people on this site who aren't from 6 bn. just thought i'd post this to make you look, if you want a balanced poll for whatever reason then get all of the people at 6 bn to sign up to arrse and then you will get a balanced can then make a nice pie chart,present it to the CO and hopefully,with the weight of evidence,implement changes.

    good luck.
  3. I didnt think of that one. Just presumed that there would be.
  4. What this about officers falling like lemmings. How many av jacked it in?
  5. Our 2i/c caved in, something to do with a breakdown, the RLC OC handed in his papers just a week after getting to the bn! tings aren't right......
  6. I absolutley adore 6 Bn, its f**king easy. I work 3 hrs a day then play footie! I can't believe anyone would ever complain, I mean, for Gods sake, we're doing the REME a f**king a favour, at least people know who we are now. We've done it all now, and Timmy Tommy is still here being the f**king hero, although the f**king ejit still can't kick!!! Hey, if you haven't got the balls. (or don't want to cover someone elses work for six hours a day, the come to 6, LIVE'S A F**KING HOOT!!!
  7. By my reckoning then I'm one of the ones who covers your arse whilst you're away playing at footie, (by all accounts you can't kick too well either!). If you're not one of the ELITE squad in 6 then you're a no one.
  8. Football is for poofs!!
  9. That remark is punishable by hanging!!!
  10. No it's not, you should buy him a beer.
    Football IS for poofs.


  11. Not that I am saying there is anything wrong with poofs as long as you can apply the service test and they pass!!

    Not in my back door lol

  12. Watching football is for chicks and poofs!! After all who else would want to watch 22 fit young athletes chasing round after a bag of wind!!

  13. At least you have time for sports at 6 Bn, and to win the Army Cup is a fine achievement. We don't do sports at 3 Bn unless there is any training value, or the boss can invite the Brigadier, Comd ES etc. We had an Inter-Company boxing match last year for the benefit of the Brig, BEME, Comd ES and the Brigade Staff. Then we challenged 2 Bn and went up to Fally and got our lights punched out.

    CO 2 Bn allowed his lads to train properly and had their welfare at heart, our guy just wanted a show!!! There was talk that he wanted to box the CO 2 Bn, and we were all praying for that one as the CO 2 Bn would have punched his lights out, big style.

    A real geordie against a plastic jock!!! No contest.

    By the way, we would swap COs tomorrow mate.
  14. AV88, you forget, the football team can go and play, but habve to go back to work afterwards to make up for lost "production".........................sorry an oxymoron there, to go back to do waste of time shite in prep for visits/walkrounds.

    I'm sure CO 2Bn would have won as well, from our side of the ring there was much egging on
  15. How does the saying go, REME is like horseshit, spread around sparingly it's very good but in one big pile it stinks! Haven't the big wksp's always been the places to avoid, 7 Armd was the one to dogde in my day!

    Oh and Dave is right football is for poofs, I much prefer women’s beach volleyball! :lol: