Life in the AAC

Hey guys,

Hopefully most of you reading this are serving/ex AAC soldiers/NCOs....etc.

I was in the army last year and got MD'd, now im fine and well and re-enlisted, going to pirbright soon. one problem, I only have about a week to finalise my capbadge, last year it was AAC aviation g/crew spec, and I dont know if I should keep..... :roll:

I was hoping you guys could inspire me a little (prefferably alot) and give me an insight into life in the regiment and on deployment, and the promotional scales, dont worry about training i know what to expect as ive done it before, apart from phase 2 middle wallop.

One question that really lies in my head is.. 'If i go to afghan say, will I get to see some action, will I be able to come home to my family and say I had bullets flying over my head etc etc... or will it be stuck at camp bastion or somewhere similar for the whole 6 months?' Im looking for a bit of excitment out of my army career, but at the same time want to work with aircraft, i could join the raf but i would never join that heap..(only my opinion dont want to offend any fellow airmen in the raf)

Please let me know as much as possible if you have a quick minute to write in a reply, would really appreciate it as my papers need to be sent off on wednesday, hopefully is a good job but just want to brush things up so i dont end up joining the royal anglians or something which part of me wants to do.

cheers guys. 8)
You won't get a very receptive audience here for your walty ways. From your above post am I to assume you didn't pass out of basic as you have previously suggested?
Several issues mate;

Firstly my Godfather's son got killed in the Falklands, bullets don't always fly over your head.

Secondly a friend of mine spent WW2 as DI for the Commandoes, he reckoned that whilst he was sorry not to have gone into action he also realised what a vast percentage of his intake were dead or maimed.

Finally when I was mobilised for Op Telic , and rejected I was gutted but I'm still alive.

What I'm trying to say is if you want to go to the "exciting" places then join the relevant unit, Infantry or similar, otherwise join what you want to and go where you're posted.

Its' called The Army.

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