Life in Sheffield - areas to choose or avoid.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by EX_STAB, Oct 1, 2008.

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  1. Moving soon and will probably be living in Sheffield.

    What areas are best avoided and what areas are preferable in terms of crime and delinquency?

    I've seen a suitable property in the Walkley area (S6) but have no idea what the area is like.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Have you not seen "The Full Monty"?!?!? ;)
  3. Avoid: Manor Top & Pitsmoore

    Sheffield isn't too bad, alright night life. S6 areas pretty good.
  4. Sheffield



    Avoid Sheffield :D
  5. Yes, yes.... got to earn a living though and that's where the job is!

  6. Welcome to Barnsley. Please put your watches back 100 years.
  7. Best areas are west of the centre, such as Crookes and Walkley. Hillsborough is not too bad these days and has tram links. As above, Manor and Pitsmoor/Burngreave (S3) is a bit rough.
  8. Avoid Barnsley like the plague, they have webbed feet and touch their cousins.

    Sheffields fine, i live in a good area on the outskirts of the city, loads of woods and countrside.
  9. Only japing mate ... only been there once and was hardly robbed at all :D
  10. Son lived in Sheffield for a few years and worked in a casino there. He had a great time, loved the night life he said (which was still going on when he finished work at 0400hrs). Know a few people near Mossborough and they seem to live in a nice area.
  11. The best place to live in Sheffield is Leeds
  12. see pvt
  13. Avoid Attercliffe like the plague - the River Don used to turn orange there with all the crap being pumped into it from the steelworks (when they still made steel in Sheffield). Hillsborough of course is sacred ground & you should visit every Saturday when there's a home game on :wink:
  14. message not received over.
  15. I have lived in Sheffield for 7 years now born and bred in North Yorkshire. Used to live off Chesterfield Road Sheffield 8 just round the corner from the Everest Indian restraurant.

    Now live opposite Park Hill Flats. I do like Sheffield plenty to do, good tram links, people can be freindly as stated avoid Pitsmoor, Manor Top also the Markets plenty of knuckle scrappers about during the day time.

    Have a good freind who lives on Manor Top so not all bad

    Walkley is good area....not to scare you though they did have a murder there a few years ago.

    As stated avoid Attercliffe unless you are in to sauna's