Life in rural Wiltshire....... anyone for goat sex?

He will be the butt of all the jokes.

Starter for ten.


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Yet another example of the nanny state.
The judge needs to RAM home the sentence
What is it with carrot crunchers? There was also the one who gets off wanking in slurry tanks as well the gopping cunt.

I had a cracking job at Warminster, but it was still the worst posting ever due to the locals - inbreed tractor driving cunts.
Oh come on now. We've all done horrid things. I once shagged some horror of a woman who had hampsteads like Stonehenge. And she bit my bellend. A goat would seem tame in comparison to that horse faced bitch.
^ or, I have?


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It reminds me of a dit i heard about a young lad from the queens regt who chased some sheep wearing just his boots and a tub of vasaline, he did it for a bet but didnt realize that he was chasing straight towards a couple of mp's.

Op is there something you are hiding?:p:D

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