Life in RLC


Can anyone tell me what life is like in the RLC.

Ive just done my Barb test and got 56 (not very happy but not beat up about it) my original role was in my choice of careers which was to be in the RA.

Since speaking with the recruiter he said why not try RLC, it does appeal to me as i have 10 years experience in logistics ranging from varied forklift certificates to aviation security and it would be a shame to waste 10 years of my life.

So with a bit of backround on why i may choose the RLC what is it like ?
Don't touch it with a barge pole.

Your recruiter should give you a printout of every single job in the army that you are entitled to apply for (based on your test score) go through the list and think carefully about each job in turn. You might find something interesting and exciting that you hadn't previously considered.
If you are an Orphaned Lesbian Drawf with anger management issues and cold weather injuries you'll fit straight in!

And probably be a SSgt by next Summer.......

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