Life in Light Dragoons

So in a few months i'll be going to basic to hopefully get into the Light Dragoons,
What should I be expecting when it comes to day to day life within the regiment? How will a light cavalry soldier spend most of his time? It'd be nice to be able to hear from current serving or previous members of the regiment, or any light cavalry regiment for that matter.


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I was 15/19H pre-amalgamation, and Armd Recce on Scorpion 40 years ago. It makes my personal observations 40 years out of date.

However I just had this year's Journal, so I can tell you there's a strong possibility of visiting Poland, the Baltic States etc on regular rotations. The Journal is now safely put away. I believe A Sqn just took over from B in Poland, but I could be wrong.

Do you play football to a high standard? A good performance in the Cavalry Cup is expected annually. Plenty of other sports.
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