Life in 289 troop?

Hi everyone. I'm about to apply to join the TA and would like some information from those who're already serving. I know the best person to speak to is my recruit officer but the way I see it, it can never hurt to have more than one perspective on the matter.

In the 289 Para (based in Romford), what can a person expect to be doing throughout the normal course of the year?

I am joining the TA for now due to family issues, if things improve, I may apply to transfer over to regs after a year or so (and no, I am not scared hard work or of the hard training at all 'cos if I am fully aware that if I cut corners now, it will probably come back n bite me in the ass later on and I might return from active duty in a body bag).

Obviously the info leaflet seems pretty cool n P company looks shit hard but hey, everyone that's got into the troop has done it so obviously it's down to me and how hard I work for it.

What I want to know is, I just saw another post about someone going to India on some jungle op and he wanted to know what kinda kit to take. So in the TA, if I get in, what kind of trips can I look forward to? I'm relishing the chance to go to Iraq or Afghanistan after my training but other than those two locations, what else can a TA bloke from 289 do to improve his credentials and experience?

Would be good to hear from some of you who have done these things.

Thank you.


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Well you won't be going to Iraq anytime soon.

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