Life Guards Windsor 1976-77


I was with the Life Guards LAD REME at Combermere Bks Windsor from 76-77.

I was part of B Squadron Fitter Section. The OC LAD was a Capt J, who I believe went onto to become a DGEME. The OC of B sqn was a Major D'O if my memory serves me correct, the SCM was ex REME. As for the RCM I cannot remember his name except he hated everybody, well it seemed that way.

Did a tour of NI Dungannon with B Sqn, couple of LG were wounded, anybody remember.


War Hero
Yeah, I joined foxy B in 1978 so just afte Dungannon tour, the lads who were hurt all got on ok afterwards, Boss Hogg was the OC and would it have been uncle les as the RCM, yes he did hate everyone, Hartigan the CO-he fell of a horse and died in 1979 ish.
Golden days, I always thought the way the LG integrated the REME was a lesson that could have been followed in other places I have been.

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