Life Guards vs Blues and Royals


As an aspiring Officer sponsored by the Household Cavalry I was wondering whether the cap badge worn has any effect day to day, or on posting opportunities? Also, is the decision on which cap badge you finally wear down to a personal preference or on a purely needs must basis?

Any light shed on either of these would be much appreciated.

Not at all, unless you are unfortunate enough to have the surname Wales.
You sound abit more like an aspiring journo fishing for info on two young brother officers in the Household Cavalry. If you don't know the answer to these questions - speak to your sponsor directly, he/they will gladly inform you.
Well I'm not an aspiring Journalist, I was just looking for a quick answer to what is most likely a fairly trivial question,sparked not by any desperate need to know rather just curiosity and lack of anything better to do. Sorry for any offence caused. I will immediately get back in my student box....
I should do that sunshine!!!!!!......If you do not know the answer to your question, then methinks your sponsor has got the wrong guy!!!!! :roll: :roll:
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